Asian market received the much-awaited relief from the USA tech markets after the whole week of following low numbers of NASDAQ.
At the end of this week Asian shares separated from American tech stocks.
After the Thursday’s decrease in European indexes, spread betters expect the positive rise on Friday.
Yesterday’s official meeting of Bank of Japan representatives lowered the yen and raised the Nikkei index.
The Central bank decided to extend the current government program of economic support. Their upbeat prognosis on the foreign economies and private consumption made a clear signal to the investors of bank’s confidence in the upcoming recovery and future gains.
Their announcement after the meeting made Japanese Nikkei jump 0.7 percent higher, and shadow the loss of 0.3 percent which was noticed at the beginning of the week.
According to the market strategist Yoshinori Shigemi, Japanese market felt relief. There was no hint of the upcoming strategy of exit. Even if this situation is temporary, and it is for sure, the new decision of bank brings more confidence to investors at this market.
As for the biggest Asian-Pacific MSCI index out of Japan, it has lost 0.1 percent on Friday and finished the week with 0.85 percent losses. Even with the relief, it received from the Wall Street, the index did not handle the pressure of the whole week’s losses which were too big to show complete recovery.
At the meantime, all European main indexes, according to spread betters, will be opened with 0.2 percent increase.