This Thursday Bank of Japan has provided the official meeting, which made national currency go down. Japanese yen went to the two weeks lows comparing to the dollar after BOJ has officially announced their decision to leave their governmental protecting policy without changes as it was expected by analysts.
While its American peers prefer to provide the new policy of tightening, Bank of Japan will keep the same views on its line of behavior.
At the end of the week, Japanese yen went 0.3 percent down, and American dollar was equal to the 111.23 yen.
Bank will still buy bonds from the government and keep the target of short-term interest rates in the same position of -0.1 percent. Their target for 10-year bonds is still close to the 0 percent.
During their yesterday’s official press conference, representatives of bank told the press that they are confident in the future gains. They also provided increased prognosis on the inside consumption and foreign economies. Investors were welcomed to the market.
With the Nikkei’s index up 0.7 percent today and the end of the period of losses, analysts felt the relief on the financial market. They believed that Bank of Japan is going to announce the new strategy to leave the governmental support of bonds behind of changes in the interest rates. However, officials have decided to prolong at least for the nearest future the same policy, and it was highly appreciated by traders.