She says that employee of United Airlines decided to wake her up by kicking her head in the airport of Houston.
According to the traveler who was sleeping in the airport waiting for her flight, a worker of United Airlines kicked her in the head with a boot.
The woman’s name is Lindsey Urbani. She claims that she was waked up from her nap by feeling the kick in her head. She got up and asked the man why he did it.
She said that she has a rising level of anxiety and can’t go to sleep again. She feels herself terrible.
The passenger took a nap at the terminal of United Airlines between her flights. She had to be in Belize, flying from SF airport. She decided to relax a little bit, but at this moment employee whose names is unknown kicked her and said that she does not have permission to sleep inside the terminal’s chapel, and then began to pray near her.
When she repeated her question man said that he simply did not want her to miss the flight. The woman answered that she was well aware of time and did not need to wake up. Urbani asked the name of this man, but he walked away.
The woman made a few photos of United Airlines employee hoping to find out more about her attacker.
She filed the report to police and contacted to the airlines’ officials. They have told that employee was suspended after the incident.