Rumors indicate that the next technology smartphone will feature a face recognition sensor and an iris scanner. The integration of these technologies may mean the end of the reign of fingerprints on the iPhone.

All brands in the technology world are currently struggling with the challenge of integrating a functional fingerprint sensor beneath the display of a smartphone. To date, there is still no version ready to use by the end consumer and although it was said that the next iPhone would be the first to have this feature, a new rumor, which comes from a Taiwanese company, belies the idea.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a collaborator of KGI and well-known analyst of matters related to Apple, the new smartphone of the North American giant will even have a display without frames, similar to the Galaxy S8, but will not hide a sensor Biometric, as desired.

Kuo also said that the phone will have a virtual Home button, but does not comment on the hypothesis that the biometric sensor may even be eliminated for the benefit of a facial recognition system and / or an eye scanner.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is already improving its version of these sensors. In the case of facial recognition technology, it writes until the technology has managed to reach the mark of 100 milliseconds in terms of achieving a facial recognition release.