After dominating the smartphone universe, the South Korean company has looked at other “scenarios”, such as virtual reality. Samsung’s latest bet in this field is called Exynos VR III and is a headset that ended up being released in an image, when it was not yet supposed. Visual Camp, the company that developed the eye-tracking system of the device, was responsible for spreading the image.

The equipment is stand alone, i.e. it does not need a smartphone to work, since it includes internal screen. In this case, we may even be talking about two internal screens capable of playing in WQHD + (2560 x 1440, approximately) at 90HZ, or a 4K at 75HZ screen, and these specifications cannot (yet) be confirmed.

The equipment should also include recognition of facial expressions and will be able to monitor the movement of the user’s hands, in order to guarantee a more immersive experience.

Exynos VR is still a kind of all-in-one prototype supported by an Exynos processor. As the head of Visual Camp said, “By working with Samsung Electronics, our technology was recognized internationally at the MWC Shanghai 2017,” where the headset was presented in a private area .

The equipment should still be able to focus on the object where the eyes are looking. However, and as the image indicates, by the current size and appearance the equipment seems to be still in the prototyping phase, and an overall design adjustment is expected.