OLED screens are already at the heart of most financial transactions of technology giants. Indeed, every company in the smartphone market wants its OLED panel! And it’s not over! By 2020, half of the mobile phones will already be equipped with this new kind of screen. Are you ready for the advent of OLED screens?

OLED smartphone 2020

Most major smartphone manufacturers are interested in OLED technology. For example, Apple’s interest and demand is so strong that it causes severe shortages of screens. These stock shortages even lead to significant delays in the marketing of certain competing smartphones. You will understand, the attractiveness of brands and consumers for the OLED is real.

All to the OLED!

According to a market study carried out by the Trendforce site, the OLED screens will end up spreading. Due to pressure and demand from renowned brands such as Apple, most manufacturers and manufacturers based in China should gradually shift from production lines dedicated to LCD screens to focus on OLED technology. The process is long and laborious. This explains the sometimes slow penetration of this new standard in the market.

Who are the major players in the production of OLED displays?

The current undisputed leader of the market is the Korean firm Samsung. This one imposes its monopoly to a competitor, for which it manufactures the pieces destined to the iPhone 8. The other company to take into account in the war of screens is LG Display. The South Korean company may well become the exclusive supplier of future iPhone OLED displays by 2019.

Why do all brands swear by OLED screens?

The technology has several advantages: absolute black, a richer and wide range of colors, battery savings.