Windows 10 will soon have a new successor with a goal of being simpler in use and especially, more secure. Its name? Windows 10 S. This new operating system will be deployed at the beginning of the fall season by Redmond-based Microsoft and will be primarily aimed at families and students.

In July 2015, Microsoft officially launched its new operating system called Windows 10. A brand new OS, which marked the return of the office, signed the arrival of a new start menu and many other innovative ancillary features (Microsoft Edge Browser, Windows Continuum, new applications Photos, Videos.

Two years later, the Redmond firm is about to find a successor to it, but it will be greatly simplified to suit a wider audience. The system in question is none other than Windows 10 S.

Windows 10 S: Microsoft will launch its new operating system at the start of the school year

Scheduled to land next September, the direct competitor of Chrome OS remain in the narrow line of Windows 10 original but few details however. The operating system will have the particularity of being more simplified than its counterpart and above all, more secure.

The goal of Microsoft is to prevent users from installing malware on their machine and thus expose them to risks of hacking. This desire to preserve the security of the machines will therefore go through the downloading of applications only from the Windows Store. Any software available from the platform will therefore be monitored by Microsoft.

On the other hand and as some reports claim, Windows 10 S will stand out from its big brother because it will not target the same categories of people. Here the target of this new OS will be families but mostly students. The world of education is the main focus of the manufacturer through this OS, hence an ultra-enhanced protection of its system.

Windows 10 S will be available at school, to the delight of the wise students who like to go to school.