What is the interest of marketing a new edition, even stamped “Fan”, of the Galaxy Note 7? What does the Galaxy Note Fan Edition have more than its explosive predecessor? According to iFixit, these experts of disassembling smartphones, the version edition has nothing more but would even have something less: its battery would indeed be much smaller and less efficient!

The question inevitably arises. By marketing a reissue of its catastrophic smartphone, Samsung returns the knife in the wound and pushes us to lean, again, on the case of the Galaxy Note 7. A week ago, we were wondering about Samsung’s performance Galaxy Note Fan Edition in comparison to the original model. Only major difference: its price and its battery. This observation is corroborated today by the engineers of iFixit.

A Galaxy Note 7 with less battery life

As expected and promised by the Korean manufacturer, it is the same smartphone but with a different battery. For good reason, it is the battery of the Galaxy Note 7 that suffered from a serious failure and that was at the origin of the explosions! To avoid malfunctions and incidents, Samsung replaced the original Note 7 battery with a less powerful battery.

Indeed, the explosive smartphone integrated a battery of 13.48 Wh while the fan version marketed this year must be satisfied with a battery of 12.32 Wh. It seems that limiting the autonomy of the phone was the only way to avoid any problem. The Samsung firm has preferred to be cautious this time and we understand it!

Currently, the edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is only 400,000 copies and is only available in South Korea. The success would already be at the rendezvous so much that the Korean brand would consider extending its availability to the international. It is possible that other countries welcome the new smartphone at the end of July!