Honor Note 9, Huawei’s luxury phablet, had not been talked since March 2017. Yet its official announcement is scheduled in the coming weeks! Fortunately, a new leak finally comes to satisfy the lovers of quality smartphone that we are. At the menu of the day: a gigantic borderless screen of more than 6 inches!

Honor note 9 photos front

The last flight that evoked Honor Note 9 had revealed its sublime back and its dual horizontal photo sensor. Until now we had no idea of ​​the design of the front face of the phablet. Thanks to a leaky photo on Twitter, we now have a good overall idea of ​​the smartphone dart. What is to be expected with Honor Note 9?

Honor Note 9: a luxury borderless phablet

As expected, the high-end flagship phone retains the very large format that made it successful. The Honor Note 8 was indeed sublimated by a screen of 6.6 inches. The screen of its successor may well be even more imposing thanks to its borderless design! It will also probably be protected by a layer of glass of the most beautiful effect. Another observation is that the camera keeps the line! It seems indeed as thin as the other terminals of the mark. Design level, the phablet seems so loaded with assets!

But what does the Honor Note 9 have in its belly? At the last news, the phablet will show performances far superior to those of the previous version. The future smartphone will indeed be equipped with a Kirin 960 processor, like the latest Honor 9. Moreover, the phablet can this time be equipped with 4 or 6 GB of RAM. This is far superior to the offer of Honor Note 8, which was limited to 3 or 4 GB RAM.

In terms of software, the smartphone should be equipped with Android 7.0. An update to Android 8.0 should be considered. No price range has yet been mentioned by the manufacturer or by other sources.