Three weeks after releasing the 4.71 software update, the PS4 now has a new update. Named 4.72, this main update had the main function of improving the overall performance of the system. It seems that this is a failure because many players are unable to invite their friends and even play online.

As Microsoft and Nintendo regularly do with their sofwares, Sony frequently deploys updates to improve the functionality of its PlayStation 4 console. These updates are intended to stabilize the system so that it runs smoothly.

However, these updates do not only have positive effects on the machine. We remember in particular the 4.50 update which had caused big WiFi problems lately. Concerns which are at least annoying, are resurfacing again following the deployment of firmware 4.72.

PS4: some players do not have access to the online game following the deployment of firmware 4.72

As for the blow of the OS passed in version 4.50, the PS4 meets today serious malfunctions following the launch of firmware 4.72. The updating, intended to “improve the quality of the performance of the system”, does in the end only harm.

And this problem, it logically results in an immense dissatisfaction of the community. A lot of players are concerned with these problems directly related to the PlayStation Network, some getting to connect but without seeing their friends online. They appear on the screen as disconnected. Pretty annoying we agree!

For others, however, the situation is much more dramatic since they are simply unable to access the online game. They cannot connect to the PSN service. Hence a feeling of frustration since this update was not supposed to bring all these worries at the start.

As the situation worsens, Sony is doing everything possible to rectify the situation as soon as possible. It may even be that these problems are already no more than memories at a time when these lines are written.