The PlayStation 5 remains for the moment a great mystery. All is only supposition about the future product of Sony, which arouses strong questions about its official launch and its overall performance. It is certain that the console will be ultra-powerful but not to the point of actually widening the gap with the PS4 Pro as an analyst, which predicts its parallel release in the course of 2019.

The future of the video game for the years to come is already traced. Manufacturers, development studios and consoles manufacturers already have a precise vision of the products that will invade the market of tomorrow. Everything rests on the shoulders of the manufacturers, who have to design machines that will be in phase for several years with the major trends of the gaming world.

An endless circle, so to speak, the manufacturers are faced with anticipating the future to the maximum. Microsoft had already designed the big sister of the Xbox One X but also Sony, which already had the design of the PlayStation 5. Its future machine never ceases to be at the center of the rumors, most centered around its availability and performance.

The PS5 should be the other half of the PS4 Pro according to an analyst

Planned by some to be released in 2018, the PlayStation 5 should only see the light of day from 2019 to believe the comments of a Michael Pachter, recently questioned by a site. A window of exit rather remote certainly but that seems to correspond perfectly with the current cycle of consoles.

The person also takes as point of reference the PS4 Pro to support its statements. It is based on the overboost version of the PS4 standard that tits one came to speak of the performance of the PS5, which according to him, should be of high flight but not to the point of being gigantic compared to those of The PS4 Pro.

It feeds its remarks with a clear explanation: ” The PS4 Pro is better the [technically] that the PS4, so I think it’s a half-step toward SP5. I think the PS5 will be only a half-step. Hint that there will be an evolution between the two machines but not real big changes in perspective.

Should we expect a PlayStation 5 better or just a bit more powerful than the PS4 Pro? Will Sony be able to surprise by laying a console destined to detach completely from its predecessor? So many questions that remain for the time unanswered but which lead to think about the performance of tits future machine.