The smartphone universe has grown and not all brands can rely on biometric sensors or dual cameras to catch the attention of future customers. But LED lights definitely work. It is impossible for the Alcatel A5 LED smartphone to go unnoticed, at least with the rear Lightup + cover where it came to get its name – because the model also has a “normal” cover of origin.

Wherever it went, the “phone of lights” – as it was known – came into view, and not even the sunny days, less propitious to let light see, prevented him from “shining.” But it was indoors and at night it reached its apogee, when LEDs lit up “on the fly” of incoming messages or multimedia sounds, playing video or music.

All configurable, true, although the Alcatel model is not at all a phone for those who like to go unnoticed, but if you are comfortable with this condition, it can always be a hypothesis to consider for those who are thinking of buying a mid-range equipment, with reasonable benefits in what really matters.

Technical specifications and operation

The dual sim A5 LED from Alcatel brings home the Marshmallow (6.0) version of the Android operating system. It integrates a 1.3GHz Octa-Core Mediatek MT6753 processor, coupled with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage capacity, which can be extended up to 128GB via Micro SD card.

This is reflected in a functioning that accounts for a basic use and a little further. RAM is at the minimum threshold required for Android to run without any major stops, particularly when two or three apps are open simultaneously.

Surfing the internet or through social media publications like Instagram or Facebook brought no problems, as well as the use of messaging applications such as WhatsApp. In the games there was also nothing to point out, but we confess that we stayed for the captivating NotNot – which we know is not the most demanding game in the world in terms of graphics and processing, but it was what we “wanted” at the moment …

Screen, multimedia capabilities and autonomy

The A5 has a 5.2-inch IPS LCD screen with HD resolution (1280 x 720). The main camera is 8MP, with a f / 2.0 aperture and a two-tone flash, a set that offers good daylight results, taking into account the range in which the equipment integrates, with detail and color, without exaggeration And with little noise.

Note a small delay, sometimes between the moment of pressing the shutter and the corresponding action immediate to take the picture, which leads us to hold the phone stopped for longer than is supposed.

Negative points worsen at night, and you need to redouble your care, keeping in mind the focus, which will often have to be helped manually by touching the screen.

The 5MP front camera serves the purpose, taking into account the range in which the phone inserts, gaining an extra point by the included flash.


If you use your phone to listen to “loud” music, be aware that the sound is not bad, even though the A5 has only one speaker. Although with a good performance, in situations where you are holding on the phone to play or to see your favorite series, it will not be difficult to plug the output and muffle the sound without that intention. With the headphones you will not have this problem …

The 2.800mAh battery offered an autonomy that gave for the expenses, but “Ourique Field” and the use was not very “pulled”. Let’s say you’ve come to a full day of moderate use, which included going through YouTube playlists, watching an episode of one of the Netflix election series, surfing the net a lot, sharing your usual messages, and taking a few pictures.

Lights, many lights

The Lightup + back cover is unquestionably the highlight of the A5 LED. The feature is configurable with various Light Show effects, from the fireworks genre to the starry sky or capturing the colors of the dressed up sweater or an object of our choice. The effect can be programmed for a variety of situations, ranging from follow-up to custom ring tones, message notifications, or video and music playback.

As the last references to the functionality (we promise), add that you always have the possibility to turn it off when you’re tired of so much “visual noise”. You can also change the LED cover to “normal”, but if you worry about saving on the phone’s autonomy, know that the change will not make that much difference: more light less light, the time without charging the phone will vary more depending on Of multimedia use, and not necessarily have the active Light Show effects.

The weight will also not be a big argument, since we are talking about 166 grams with the LED cover, compared to 139 with the back cover without lights. By “thickening” the equipment, the LEDto give a certain robustness on the phone that the plain cover does not seem to be able, although they are both plastic.