Samsung’s latest tablet has proven itself to be able to do any job, and without a doubt, the S Pen is a nice touch on a tablet, but it’s still a Note machine.

Nowadays, having a tablet is something common to almost all users of electronics. The market has been falling and smartphones, with their growing screens, may be replacing a device that was already much more popular in accomplishing some tasks. Despite this, Samsung continues to focus on producing quality tablets for those who need capable equipment that can be carried in the hand or in the backpack without taking up too much space.

The Tab S3 is the latest model of the South Korean brand and, as is already customary in the top equipment of the brand, is very beautiful to see. Lightweight, sleek, with an enviable screen and easily transportable, S pen also gives you even more unique features.

The problem is that in a company like Samsung, we always look forward to something very well done and flawless, and this is not the case with this new tablet coming to market to replace its older brother, Tab S2. Let’s do it by steps.

General features

The Galaxy Tab S3 has a Super AMOLED screen of 9.7 inches and weighs 429g (increasing to 434g in the LTE version). The body is six millimeters thick and is made according to the high-end smartphones of the brand: glass and metal – which gives it a premium look but at the same time also makes it a great magnet for “fingerprints.”

Inside the Tab we find a 4GB RAM and an internal memory of 32GB, which can be expanded through a microSD card. The 6,000 mAh battery is very generous and supports fast charging (and this feature is accurate) through the USB-C input. With a moderate use, the equipment can withstand two days in a single load.

As far as the multimedia part is concerned, this is a very well equipped tablet. It has a 13 megapixel rear camera with a f / 1.9 aperture and a 5 megapixel front camera with a f / 2.2 aperture.

Samsung has also spared no effort in its partnership with AKG, the company it owns , and has put four columns on the tablet (two up and two down) in order to offer an immersive experience of extreme quality.

Along with the tablet comes an S Pen designed specifically for this equipment that, coupled with some Changes In Touchwiz, ends up offering an extra complement to the tablet.

One day with Tab S3

During the test period Tab S3 accompanied us every day in every possible activity. After all, in the world of journalism, what is not lacking are press releases to read, texts to underline, highlight, scratch, … the normal activities when working with a lot of information from different places. We have to admit that a “big” tablet looks good on having more information available at once, but it also becomes a bit of a nuisance to carry in smaller backpacks or bags.

A rather “annoying” point on the tablet was the S Pen’s transport. This is because the pen actually comes in the same box as the tablet, but it does not have its own place where we can carry it. We have still tried to look for a holder with magnets, but these are only for connecting the keyboard that, as expected, is not included with the equipment.

Comparing with the previous model, more specifically with the small 8 inch size (which has now disappeared), it has proved to be less portable, not only by size, but also by the material itself. Is that glass, whether we like it or not, is always an aesthetic bet at the expense of durability.

Giving proper use to the S Pen becomes difficult when it is not a Note

Of course S Pen works. We have more freedom of movement, we can take notes as if we were using a paper, and it allows that pleasant sensation of looking at notes and seeing everything scratched with notes on the margins, underlines of various colors and risks so crooked that they seem to have been made During a car trip in the middle of a road full of holes.

But the Tab S3 pen has a little/big problem: does not come close to the quality standard of the Note range. The experience may not be bad, but it cannot even be similar to what tablets and smartphones in the Note range can offer the user.

The accuracy is lower and there is a noticeable “delay” when we write something with the pen. Of course, to draw, it cannot even make a big difference, even because it gets very good results due to the 4,096 pressure points and the 0.7mm thickness of the tip, but in writing exercises, the delay is clearly visible.

A very immersive multimedia experience

To see one video, enjoying a photo or listening to music are activities where this tablet really stands out. The screen is, as Samsung has accustomed consumers, something incredibly sharp and vibrant colors thanks to Super AMOLED.

The four columns that equip the Tab S3 reproduce a high sound, with a good balance between bass and treble, and offer an immerse experience of use. However, they have a problem. When placed on the sides (when in landscape mode) it becomes difficult to be watching a video with the tablet in hand without we are covering a column, whether it is on top or down. Nothing that a little attention and habit do not solve, but it is something rather awkward in the equipment.

When it comes to taking pictures, the improvement over the previous model is remarkable. The two cameras have been upgraded considerably in terms of resolution and the fact that Samsung has re-implemented the rear flash was a point that caught our eye. The biggest problem is, there it is, the size of the equipment that, for shooting, becomes a little strange to display. Let’s not forget that the screen is almost 10 inches …

The position of the rear camera at the top to the center is also not the most indicated because of the ease with which the hand rests on it. In the upper left corner would have been better.