Electronic Arts is a little strange when creating bonuses and goodies in your games. You should remember the collector’s edition of Battlefield 1, which came with a statue and several bonuses, but not the game. Now, it’s the turn of Need for Speed ​​Payback to have its dose of bizarre: if you buy the title in pre-sale, you’ll have a “big” bonus.

One of the advantages of buying a game in advance is the gifts that the developer includes in the package, such as exclusive skins or even unique cars (Forza and Project Cars did this). However, the story is different in the new Need for Speed. When you buy the game a few months before, you get an incredible blue-colored tire burning smoke.

Yeah, it’s not a joke. The bonus is being able to fry the tires on the asphalt and the smoke comes out blue. To complete, you still get six vehicles in platinum color, but nothing unique. If you opt for another version, the Deluxe Edition can also guarantee new icons, an exclusive card and a new nitro color (remembering that Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 from PS2 had all that and without having to buy it before). Well, it’s not really exciting, is it? At least the Deluxe Edition comes with a new mission pack.

One way or another, the new Need for Speed ​​Payback has captivated many players with the revelation trailer in EA Play, which rolled out during E3 2017, and looks pretty promising. The game is scheduled to arrive on November 10 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.