Ubisoft recently made its first-half fiscal report available, revealing several important data, such as the best-selling game  of the first half, the platforms that sold the company’s most popular games, promised news to the Nintendo Switch and now it’s time To predict the sales of Far Cry 5, Ubi’s upcoming title.

The developer is optimistic about the new game and expects it to sell close to what Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 have achieved. It may sound unambitious, but you have to unlock this information. The third title of the series had a great hype that is difficult to repeat and was released at the apex of the seventh generation; Already the room had a good expectation and was released for seventh and eighth generations.

In other words, Far Cry 5 needs to create good expectations in the fans to the point of selling as well as on an installed base of consoles smaller than the previous games. So if the title sells a number similar to those games, it will be a great performance.

Record of registrations in Beta

Now is the time for good news: Ubisoft has revealed that two of the games coming in 2018 had a record number of beta test registrations. The Crew 2 had record Beta registrations overall, while Skull and Bones hit record registrations for a new developer IP.

All games mentioned in the article will arrive for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but the dates change. The Crew 2 will arrive in early 2018, Skull and Bones in late 2018 and Far Cry 5 will arrive on February 27, 2018.