The Google app is preparing for a new feature called ‘At A Glance.’ It uses various information from your Gmail, Maps, and Calendar to compile your daily schedule, which you can see at a glance.

Google At A Glance

The Google app has received an update to version 7.9. There is not a lot of news in the update. Underneath the hood, however, we found the necessary clues for various things we will encounter in the future.

The first is a new feature called At A Glance, internally called ‘Smartspace’. This will provide information from your Gmail, Calendar, and Maps to display the most important information about your day at one point. This could, for example, be in a widget. If you find this familiar, then it’s true: The Google Feed (formerly Google Now) already has some maps of your calendar, for example, and what time you need to be away to be on time with your appointment. You can also greet Google Assistant with “Good morning” if you have your phone in English, then get a day view. The Google app has found code that allows you to set what exactly needs to be included in At A Glance, what are three for the time being: Calendar events, traffic delays, or emerging flights.

Google Eyes and Bistro

The second designation is called Google Eyes. This can be a reference to the upcoming Google Lens, which allows you to recognize topics through the camera and take actions. Imagine having a Wi-Fi code on your router along with the network name. Point Google Lens on it, and it will automatically log in to this network for you. With Google Eyes, you must “click on what you’re interested in” and there is a warning if your phone is offline, so that no action can be taken. Also, a reference to a shortcut on the desktop has been found, which contains content that you can start Google Eyes / Google Lens from your home screen.

Finally, there is talk of an unknown device called Bistro. This is called together with a piece of text that mentions that the set-up with the headphones has been completed. It seems that Bistro runs on Google Assistant. It is not yet clear whether this can be a Google headphone, or it’s a separate headphone set up. At least enough things in the pipeline in the future!