In order to meet the high demand during the Christmas holidays, Nintendo plans to increase the production rate of the Nintendo Switch. In addition, a security researcher has discovered a VR mode hidden in the code of the console.

Since its release last March, the Nintendo Switch has met with tremendous success. The console sells so well that Nintendo struggles to meet the demand. The Japanese manufacturer has therefore decided to anticipate the Christmas period by increasing the rate of production.

So the firm announced that it would do everything possible that anyone who wants a Switch at Christmas can find one in their favorite store. Despite the many stock shortages encountered since the launch of the console, Nintendo hopes to sell at least 10 million Switch in a year.

This issue of repeated stock-outs is not just about the Nintendo Switch. A few days ago, the fans were confronted with an almost instantaneous shortage of stock when opening the pre-orders of the SNES Classic Mini. It would therefore seem preferable if Nintendo revises its production policy to move to a tight-flow strategy.

Parallel to this news, security consultant Cody Brocious made a strange discovery by exploring the code of the Switch. The code refers to a mysterious “VR mode”. This means that the console could be secretly endowed with virtual reality features.

By sharing his finding on the social network Twitter, Brocious has fantasized many users of the console. It is possible that Nintendo intends to market a virtual reality headset for the Switch in the near future and activate this hidden mode. The players could then play Zelda, Mario or Metroid in VR … a dream for many enthusiasts.

However, it is also possible that Nintendo simply considered offering virtual reality features before finally changing its mind. This piece of code would be only a trace of this abandoned project. In any case, remember that a user has managed to transform his Nintendo Switch into a VR headset.