Every time Android is updated, there are many applications that must adapt to this new operating system. Some manage to integrate successfully with the system, while others are practically obsolete. Nova Launcher is one of the most updated applications and adapted to the latest versions of Android, for a few years.

So much so, that we can even enjoy the latest Android versions that we do not have thanks to the incredible development team of the app. Today, we tell you all about the latest news of Nova Launcher, which brings with it one of the best features of Android Oreo.

Nova Launcher is being developed very actively, which means that so-called adaptive icons are now available. This is a new feature we see in Android 8.0 Oreo.

Since Android 7.1 Nougat, developers can define round icons next to their normal icons. On Android Oreo, Google goes one step further with adaptive icons, customizable icons. In addition, developers provide a foreground and a background. This background can then be customized by the user’s graphics peel. Because the front and background are separate, it is possible to add animations, for example, when switching a home screen, but also when loading additional app shortcuts.

This feature is now also added to Nova Launcher in the latest beta. In concrete terms, this means that if apps support, you can set different shapes icons through Nova Launcher’s settings.

To use this new way of using icons, minimal Android Lollipop is required and we’ll see it back in Nova Launcher 5.5 beta. A test version of the competing Action Launcher also received support for adaptive icons last week, but it only works for Android 8.0 Oreo.

In the beta version of Nova Launcher, we often see new features that cannot be seen later in the stable version. To participate in this, you must sign up via a link, which will give you access to Nova Launcher’s latest beta. This can then be downloaded from the Play Store only, and the updates will also be installed through Google’s app store on the device.