China’s main and largest search engine, Baidu, has just announced an interesting device for those travelers who want to enjoy everything a country offers but without a native speaker, which can often be a big challenge.

There is still no official name given for the device. The instant translation device offers just that: by pressing a simple button and starting to speak in its native language (currently supporting the Chinese, Japanese and English languages), the device translates the words of the person who is dictating them and then translate it to the listeners. All this is pre-programmed by an application.

The Chinese giant says it makes use of super advanced technologies to translate words and avoid mistakes in its translations. With the use of artificial intelligence, predictive systems and machine learning, Baidu wants to give the end user his word keeping the chances of errors very low.

Recently, Baidu has teamed with NVIDIA to create a unified platform for future driverless cars based on artificial intelligence. In addition, the Chinese giant invests as much as other large US and South Korean companies in high-tech AI development and machine learning, being considered a major shift for the coming years.

There is not much information, videos and examples of the device in full operation yet, but if the idea works in China, Baidu plans to expand sales to Japan. It is almost certain that after success in Japan, the company can add new languages ​​and expand the market to other countries in the world.