The third largest mobile carrier in the U.S T-Mobile is making plans to roll out its fifth-generation network across the country by the year 2020. This news was revealed by the company’s Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray recently.

He made this announcement at the Morgan Stanley European Technology, Media, and Telecoms Conference in Barcelona where he stated that “We are committed to rolling out 5G across the nation by 2020.”

The number three mobile carrier company in the U.S T-Mobile is proposing a substantial share buyback that would be initiated starting from December. This was announced by the company’s Chief Financial Officer Braxton Carter earlier today. This move is a sign of confidence from the company after the proposed merger talks with Sprint Corp collapsed.

Carter made this comment during the Morgan Stanley conference in Barcelona, stating that the proposed share buyback would be presented to the company’s board in two weeks. He stated that the parent company Deutsche Telekom would not tender the shares and might even look to purchase some shares, thus increasing their 64% ownership of the company.

According to Carter, the shares of the company would be held in treasury and deployed as acquisition currency for future M&A deals.

Uber’s license appeal might take years to resolve: London’s Mayor Khan

The ride-hailing company Uber’s appeal challenging the decision made by London’s transport regulator will take years before it is resolved. The city’s regulatory agency has strip Uber of its operating license, with the appeal process set to take years before it can be resolved. This was according to the city’s Mayor Sadiq Khan who mentioned this on Thursday.

Uber was shocked in September after transport regulatory body stated that the company is unfit to operate taxi services in the city, revoking their license, with Uber currently appealing the decision.

Mayor Khan stated that “My understanding is that it could go on for a number of years.” He made this statement at the city’s monthly question session after he was asked how long the appeal process would take.