Tech Company Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co is officially going back to its roots. Now known as HPE, the company has decided to appoint an engineer as its next CEO. This is the first time in twenty years that the company has made that move.

The company announced that Antonio Neri is succeeding Meg Whitman as chief executive officer. In her closing statement, Whitman mentioned last Tuesday that, “The next CEO of the company needs to be a deeper technologist, and that’s exactly what Antonio is.”

HPE came about after the splitting of Hewlett-Packard Co.’s corporate-computing divisions from its printer and PC business two years ago. The company at this point looks like it could use the leadership of a technological mind, as that was the trend decades ago when the company was founded in Palo Alto. The company has been credited with the invention of gadgets like atomic clocks, inkjet printers, and scientific handheld calculators.

Over the past few years, the company has shifted to a business-like leadership, with former CEO Whitman has an MBA from Harvard University. She helps bring in expertise in terms of strategy and streamlining operations to the company. She was also in charge of the split and spearheaded the acquisition of companies like Silicon Graphics and Nimble Storage. She also shifted focus to investor’s returns and slashed over 80,000 jobs from the company.

Even with that, she finds it very hard to control the technological shifts such as the increased reliance on cloud computing. This made it very hard for HPE to compete with other newer tech giants in the industry such as

This is the main reason why Neri was brought in to replace her. He is a graduate of Escuela Nacional de Educacion Tecnica in Argentina and it is expected that he will use his technological background to ensure that the company moves forward by developing and introducing new products at HPE and its predecessor company.

This move by HPE was similar to the one made by Microsoft three years to after they appointed Satya Nadella as CEO to succeed Steve Ballmer. Ballmer like Whitman was into business as he was the head of sales for Microsoft before taking over from Bill Gates. Just like Whitman also, Ballmer failed to improve the company technologically even though he made the company tons of cash.