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Populous (PPT): Tomorrows Invoice Market Place

Keeping up with new cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly difficult due to the surging number of digital assets hitting the market. As such, revolutionary cryptocurrencies that should make our portfolio go unnoticed. This article will take a look at Populous (PPT), another interesting Altcoin.

Features of Populous (PPT)

Populous is a peer-to-peer invoice discounting platform. Populous blockchain with Smart contracts to provide security, efficiency, and transaction transparency. Populous has some of the key future which has been crucial to the superb growth it recorded in January.

  • Populous provides a peer-to-peer platform for invoice sellers and buyers to transact with each other irrespective of their location.
  • Populous offers immediate funding of Smart contracts without interference from third parties.
  • Transactions are exceptionally fast with low transaction fees.
  • All uploaded invoices are recorded in the Ethereum blockchain to eliminate chances of misuse and errors.
  • All Smart Contracts on Populous are autonomously managed.

Latest Happenings Around Populous (PPT)

The launch of the Beta version of Populous on the 9th of February has brought a lot of excitement to the Populous space. Steve Nico Williams CEO of Populous announced on his twitter handle that users of Populous should expect constant updates and new changes on the beta version.

CEO of Populous Steve Nico Williams recently announced its Billion-dollar partnership with Luxure Global Citizen. His official statement below;


“this deal represents a significant breakthrough for Populous and holders of PPT. Investors will now have access to a regular supply of blue-chip invoices for them to invest in and earn yield on.”

Details of the Performance of Populous (PPT)

Populous was tagged the leading altcoin in January 2018. The digital token recorded tremendous growths when cryptocurrencies were crumbling. Populous hit its all-time high of $75.5 on January 31 2018; a very sour period for most cryptocurrencies.

PPT chart
Populous (PPT) Daily Charts for the Last One Month: Data from

Populous has not been able to replicate its January form in February. The token started February with a trading value of $71, ever since then, the value of the token has dropped every day. As at the time of this writing, the standing of the token is;

  • Trading Value: $4
  • Market Capitalization: $ 978,856,422
  • 24 hours trading volume: $9,644,990
  • Cryptocurrency ranking: 26

Price Prediction of Populous (PPT)

Price predictions from CIA predicts the token trading at over $100 apiece before the end of 2018. Due to its very practical usage, Populous is a digital token that has a lot of promise for the future.


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