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Is ReddCoin (RDD) Ready to Wither the Current Social Networks Storm?

Many agree that social media growth keeps growing; it is a multi-million business and new entrants in the market are bound to survive despite the storm. With established networks, ReddCoin (RDD) might stay in the red for a while before they gain traction. Billed as one of the best social cryptocurrency platform, it might take a while before it converts its adorers into users.

There are over 2.8 billion social media consumers on ReddCoins’ radar and convincing these to use the social media transactions will make it a coin to watch in 2018 and beyond. The social media consumer mannerisms are straight forward; these include fun through peer-to-peer connection and circle building.

One of the quick win options that ReddCoin (RDD) has brought to the table is the social transaction function. This is a function that major social media networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram have tried to shelf.

Uphill Task for ReddCoin

Most of the current social networks thrive on the consumer ignorance. Consumers are driven by the social media addiction around these platforms and do not mind what the provider gains are. With the entry of ReddCoin as a peer-to-peer digital currency, things might turn around in favor of RDD since it seeks to offer a platform where users can make payments and transfer the same through a social medium.

Another win for ReddCoin is its seamless integration with other social media networks. When you are empowered to send and receive funds between other networks, the goal of a fully functional social coin will be met. The currency transfer process is simple and anyone who is new to cryptocurrencies can participate.


How to get started with ReddCoin (RDD)

The beauty of ReddCoin is that there is no mining involved; instead you mint RDD tokens. This is a unique feature that might propel the coin to the top of the social media niche in the very near future. Minting RDD is easy; you only need to have an unlocked wallet and fund it with sufficient RDD coins.

Once you create and fund your wallet, you are ready to start minting RDD coins. However, a live wallet needs to be online for the process to be successful. With minting makes transactions fast and lower their fees compared to the convectional token mining.

The process of minting, you do not have to use a lot of computing power; you are not restricted to the number of wallets to mint RDD. ReddCoin allows any wallet to mint coins as long as you are a participant on the network.

Future of ReddCoin (RDD) on Social Media

Looking at the current price of the ReddCoin, it is clear that anyone can come onboard. CoinMarketCap shows RDD trading at 0.010294 (9.70%). this is a good entry point for anyone planning to invest in the social media industry. There is a lot of anticipated growth backed low transaction fees.

RDD is a coin for the masses and if you need to grow your digital currency portfolio in a fun way, early adoption is the ticket to achieve your crypto-dream. The coins has been bullish for the last two weeks and things are looking promising if the last 24 hour growth is anything to go by.

Social media has always been dynamic and requires a platform that rewards the users unlike where the multinationals fleece the user. ReddCoin (RDD) strives to shift the monopoly of the industry to the user in a secure and more transparent manner.

Integrating social media payment protocol to ReddCoin (RDD) I interesting given that anyone with a virtual wallet can mint RDD tokens. One implemented, the platform cannot stop working making it the best choice social media platform that rides on the blockchain technology. The platform comes at a time when he current social network monopoly need to be withered.


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