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Steem (STEEM): Social Media Network Putting Money in your Wallet

Do you have a passion and you need to share it with the world? Are you the kind of person who appreciates good content? Then Steemit is the place for you to earn Steem (STEEM) dollar doing what you like most. There is no limit to the amount you earn; you need is identify a niche and have time to create content.

Steem is he token that powers the Steemit platform; a blockchain based platform that empowers content developers get rewarded to do what they love. There are no limits to what you create and post; you can monetize any piece of content and help the tight knit community grow.

How Does Steem (STEEM) Work?

This is a very interesting and yet unique social media network. You generate content, post it on the platform and other participants curate it and earn rewards.  Rewards are two way, the both the creator and curator get rewarded. The More the up-votes you receive, the more you are likely to vote.

The social media reward system seems to be sending shockwaves across the traditional social media landscape. This could change how users interact with Facebook, Twitter and other major social networks. It is easy to use and has a user friendly interface.

You can upload your blogs, music, pictures and memes on the go. Currently, they have a version of YouTube called DTube where you can upload your videos and monetize them as well. This is the first blockchain based decentralized video platform. You can upload and watch videos using their per-to-peer network, with DTube, no censorship and everything is transparent.


With a lot of restrictions from Google, Steemit does not restrict the content you post and monetize. Once you post your content, it becomes immutable after 7 days when rewards, if any, are transferred to your wallet. You can edit your content in the first seven days; after that, you cannot edit or delete the content or comments.

Why Invest on Steem (STEEM)?

Joining the platform is free and once approved, you get a wallet and other privileges depending on their algorithm or your reputation. This is next generation ecosystem that runs real time Apps with instantaneous free transactions.

You own your content and it cannot be edited, manipulated or deleted. To alter it, you have to use your private key within the first 7 days. Content is immutable, uncensored giving you the freedom to express yourself. Your success is gaining enough followers that you keep engaged and in return, they reward you through curating and up-voting your content.

If you are a participant, you can convert your earnings into investment. Alternatively, you can use your fiat currency or cryptocurrencies to by STEEM dollars. Once you have funds in your wallet, the more the STEEM dollar appreciates, the more your online investment portfolio grows.

Steem (STEEM) Performance and Predictions

For a while the STEEM dollar has been hovering around the $1 mark but it broke that towards the end of 2017 and everything appears green given that it is just stepping out of the beta stage. STEEM is currently trading at $3.48 USD (-10.51%).

If you are a short term investor, STEEM is what you should invest in in. for long term investment; STEEM Power is the ideal option. STEEM Power is about committing your investment and in return get higher voting power and more earnings according to the Steem whitepaper.

Whichever way you look at it, Steem (STEEM) is an Altcoin that is worth investing is banking on the masses in order to gain traction. Joining is easy and easy. If you are looking for a social network system that is interrupting the industry, Steem will not only help you participate in social network for but will also put money in your Steem (STEEM) wallet.



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