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DigiByte (DGB) Announces A New Beta Release Of Its Blockchain

DigiByte, abbreviated as (DGB), is a decentralized cryptocurrency that has been in existence since 2013. From the official DigiByte Website, the cryptocurrency aims at developing cybersecurity for digital transactions and decentralized applications. In addition, the good news is that DigiByte (DGB) has wallets for a variety of Operating Systems, ranging from Linux, Android, Windows, and Apple OS X. DigiByte investors should also expect an iOS wallet that’s underway, yet to be launched soon.

The blockchain is now a common term in the cryptospace that was originally found by Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin. Similarly, DigiByte runs on Blockchain. In this case, there are a number of programmed digital ledgers that facilitate transactions. Vitalik Buterin, is the inventor of Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine. He describes Blockchain as a technology, which solves manipulation. However, this does not mean blockchain-based cryptocurrencies a right fit for everyone.

On Feb 19, 2018, DigiByte showed a Beta Test Release through their Twitter account. In addition, it’s of equal importance you know of DigiByte partners. These are companies that allow DigiByte trading, buying, and selling. Also, you will only find exchanges mentioned on the DigiByte website. But before anything…

Here Is The DigiByte’s New Release 

First, the DigiByte founders developed a new release, and invited miners to help them test mining on the new platform. Fortunately, DigiByte confirmed one block mined. This mining block was an attestation that the new release was working.

The new product features include the prefix “dgb1,” to be discussed, and 3 color themes of Blue, White, and Black. The Beta release has hundreds of thousand code lines changed. Also, it has enhanced speeds.


What Next After This Release?

On Feb 16 of this month, @DigiByteCoin tweeted that all DGB addresses would begin with the prefix “dgb1” to minimize cases of sending money to the wrong blockchain. On the contrary, users on other blockchains can easely recognize DGB addresses. As a result, they cannot mistakenly send money to DigiByte Blockchain.

While Bitcoin takes time to sync 0.5 million blocks, the new beta release syncs over 6 million blocks in two hours. @DigiByteCoin added.

If you want to invest in DigiBytes, here are platforms that can help you get started.

5 DigiByte Platforms To Help You Transact Safe and Fast

Wirex – This is a wallet that can stores cryptocurrencies. Also, it helps one to transfer DigiBytes to a debit card. There is a full guide on, on how you can set up the wallet on different operating systems.

PoloniexPoloniex is a well-known platform that can convert BTC to DGB.

Shapeshift – With Shapeshift on board, you can convert DigiByte (DGB) to other cryptocurrencies of your choice. However, Digibyte was once disabled on Shapeshift.

Litebit – This platform converts Euros to Digibytes, Also, the platform allows you to buy Digibytes using a credit card. 

Bittrex – While on Bittrex, you can exchange DigiBytes (DGB) with Ethereum, and Bitcoins.

Considering the same cryptocurrency DigiByte, wanted to see itself added in the RobinhoodApp. This is due to the fact that DigiByte developed a technology used to secure most of the RobinhoodApp blockchains. This technology is known as DigiShield.

Addition of DigiBytes (DGB) on Ledger Nano S and Blue makes it get stored on a hardware wallet, a good reason for its potential future as this improves security.



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