Why Wirex Chose Litecoin (LTC) Over Bitcoin

Litecoin (LTC) – The cryptocurrency world has now turned into a tug of war where altcoins fight to survive above the others. Litecoin’s recognition and accolades is becoming more and more every day with a recent one from Wirex, a major provider of Cryptocurrency wallet, which launched a wallet in the name of the altcoin.

Wirex, in a statement released on its platform announced the launching of the Litecoin wallet clarifying why it chose the altcoin over Bitcoin, stating that Litecoin is faster than Bitcoin.

“It’s faster than Bitcoin, has lower blockchain fees and may become a global payment option available on dozens of big brand websites in coming months”.

Although, there has been lingering news for some times over the partnership, but the creation of a new Litecoin wallet which had long roused curiosity from users seems to be a ground breaking development with the addendum Litecoin-Wirex Debit Card which was also launch along with the wallet.

The Cryptocurrency wallet provider went live on Twitter on April 25 to announce the official release of the new Litecoin wallet, which included the release of a Visa debit card.

“Litecoin wallets have landed Verified users around the can now buy, trade & spend #LTC Full product features, benefits, and how to get your hot little hands on one”


Confirming the Tweet, Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, retweeted it.

Benefits Of The Wallet And Debit Card

While Litecoin stands out prominently among its contemporaries to become the “first of several altcoins available on the Wirex platform”, the development was surely made with additions like a dwarf on the shoulder of a giant to make transactions easy, safe, fast, and secure for people.

According to the release, the wallet was created along with a debit card to decorate the world of Litecoin users when engaging in transactions.

Among the benefits of the latest developments include the following:

  • Spending of Litecoin with the use of free Wirex Visa Card through instantaneous conversion of the altcoin into fiat currencies like GBP, EUR or USD.
  • Exchanging of Bitcoin (BTC) to Litecoin (LTC) any time.
  • Buying of Litecoin through Wirex account, with the use of bank transfer, debit or credit card which is secure and very fast.
  • Free LTC withdrawal and transfer into another Litecoin wallet.
  • Cashing out of ICO earnings with ease by exchanging into Litecoin
  • Payment option on major brand that recognizes and makes it available.

How Latest And Past Developments Will Help Litecoin

The altcoin’s proficiency in daily transaction is indispensable, exactly why it well-known. Litecoin is not a newbie in partnership and development, as it tries to fight for his space within the crypto community, partnering with different fintechs in different locations of the world.

While the altcoin was flagged one of the three most popular currency in the world above Ripple, people doubted the originality of such claim, saying Ripple is already a household altcoin in the crypto space and if it had been earlier created, it would have been above the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Litecoin clears the skepticism of analysts, observers and lovers of crypto currency, partnering with sundry of companies and at the same time getting listed on reputable platform that will make it light the world, among which Coinbase lies. The Coinbase listing would surely be among the reasons Litecoin was ranked more popular than Ripple.

Recently, the altcoin also shut the mouth of skeptics, launching a partnership that made it get listed on TenX exchange platform, and subsequently, a Debit card was proposed to be launched in both companies’ name to make transaction easier for users than ever thought.

Litecoin in the present market

Litcoin, presently ranked 6th according to Coinranking has a market cap of over $8billion with a value price of $150 per LTC. The altcoin, until few days back was bullish in the market, following the trend of the recent cryptomarket turn around which saw the price of many altcoin rising up.

In the last 24hrs, Litecoin has been able to add, 2.8% to its value, while the last 7 days featured the addition of 3.3% to its value.


Surely, this would not be the end of partnership for the altcoin as it is on the lookout for more. There is possibility and TokenPay produce a debit card soon. Litecoin’s living up to its billings since it is known to be very potent in daily transaction. Getting more partnership and listing will surely help the altcoin in moving up with more visibility and usability around the world. Wirex’ choice of Litecoin over Bitcoin lies in the advantages of the later to the formal.


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