TRON (TRX) Settles For 9th Position, Continues To Add Value While Awaiting Mainnet

TRON (TRX) – The market seems to be favouring Tron as it continues to add value day by day, settling for the 9th position after oscillating between the 9th and 11th position in the last two days.

Justin Sun, on April 28 announced the placement of Tron on the 10th position as the beginning of development, while yesterday, he went on his Twitter page to announce that CoinMarketCap has placed Tron on the 9th position even though it later fell to 11 before it finally overthrows the 9th position today.

Tron continues to receive series of collaboration and listing among which Malaysian Coinbene lies, but it looks like the altcoin has gotten more fishes to fry for development. The second quarter of 2018 would be productive for the altcoin according to an impressive roadmap unleashed by the founder of the decentralized entertainment platform, Justin Sun.

Tron Roadmap – 2018

  • Odyssey 2.0 launch with Proof of Stake
    • On-chain resource allocation governance
    • Network capacity of 10,000 transactions per second
    • TRX transaction fees reduced to zero
    • Debut of decentralized applications
    • Token wallet launch
    • Blockchain browser launch

Apart from the roadmap, Tron has gotten sundry of developments waiting on the list, among them are the impending Mainnet launch, the representative election, and the introduction of the Great Voyage 1.0 update slated for 2018 Q4 recently announced by Sun. The Great Voyage will be designed to facilitate “communication across different blockchains.”

Tron’s Pending Mainnet Migration. 


Tron has boasted that it will be moving out of ERC20 with its 100 million DApp users and this could make the altcoin have the largest blockchain DApp platform in the world.

While the Mainnet which will feature migration from the ERC20 platform completely, moving from Ethereum protocol into the TRON protocol ecosystem is still pending, the altcoin continues to add up more and more to its trading price every day, making its climb the market table up as its market cap fattens up.

While many prepare for the migration, Justin Sun in a statement said:

“Our supporters don’t need to worry about the token swap. You can either deposit your TRX into an exchange and wait for them to swap for you – and even if you forget to put the token into the exchange, we will have the exchange support swaps forever.”

Tron Market Analysis.

There is no doubt that the past one month has been beautiful and fruitful for Tron in the market. Tron is unflinchingly moving up the north every day, and its value is rising with no hope of dropping.

While the crypto market was bullish, Tron toe legged with the market adding more to itself. In the last 30 days, Tron has added a whopping sum of 144.39%. Tron started the month with a trading price of $0.0341 and now it is ending with a massively improved price of $0.0916.

Tron started the last seven day with a trading market price of $0.0534 and now it has added 71.69% to its value.

Today has not been so magnificent for the most coins in the market as they seem to be dropping value. But this never affected Tron’s focus for the zenith. At the press time, amongst the top ten coins in the table, only three coins rose up to added more value, and there lies Tron, adding 11.1% in the last 24hrs, according to Coinranking.

Tron Considering Move To Malta Island

While many Crypto based bigwigs like OKEx, a cryptocurrency exchange, Neufund, an equity fundraising platform and Binance among others are transferring to Malta, the founder of Tron also is waging a move to share the same country with the crypto giants according to a recent report.

Malta- The Crypto Hub

As more and more crypto elephants are moving into Malta, the country has been rated as one of the most advanced blockchain technology and cryptocurrency country around the world.

While other world countries are cracking down on Cryptocurrency, the dubbed world cryptocurrency Hub, Malta, is initiating policies that give brighter future to Cryptocurrency. Last week, the Cabinet of Malta passed three blockchain technology and cryptocurrency related bills which will make the activity of the industry flow better in the country.

According to Malta Independent, the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, Silvio Schembri, “strongly believes” that:

“Once new laws surrounding blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are enacted in Malta, banks would be less reluctant to welcome companies working in the industry, presumably due to the legal certainty it would provide”.

The bills, as viewed will be in favour of the cryptocurrency industry, propelling the activities of Crypto based firm who find themselves in the country.


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