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TRON (TRX) – Best Perfoming Cryptocurrency of the Week

TRON (TRX) – Developed from blockchain technology, TRON (TRX) is a cryptocurrency coin that aims to build an entertainment framework for contributing to the free distribution of content around the world – cutting out the middle man like Youtube and allowing content creators to hold onto their own data. The blockchain revolution is most definitely in its beginning stages, and with less than half a million TRON (TRX) token holders in the mix, it is evident that anyone in this industry at this time will be considered a pioneer in the long run. With the TRON (TRX) main net set to launch on May 31st, TRON is to leave the Ethereum platform and its ERC20 identity. CEO Justin Sun – said himself that this “will be a serious challenge for Ethereum.” Recently added to major South Korean exchange Bithumb, TRON (TRX) is continuously making promising moves and announcements as it has recently seen one of its best weeks of 2018, doubling in the month of April.

While it is evident that TRON (TRX) is still a relatively new coin, its overall performance from the start of its ICO has been positive. Currently trading at $0.10, this coin has quickly become a household name in the market. The month of April has seen some intense bullish movement and it is obvious that the prices of some cryptocurrencies are rising rapidly. Experts believe that we can start to see more upward movement leading into May.

Quarter-one of the crypto market saw an intense decline – but with the market finally trading above a $400 billion market cap – overall – and with Bitcoin trading at above $9,000, we can expect to see some tremendous activity in the months to come. It is almost safe to say that 2018 could be the year we see another tremendous bull run. It has become clear that digital currencies are going to continue to grow and progress.

TRON (TRX), specifically, seems to be slowly rising out of its bottom as it is currently trading at $0.10 with a market cap of over $6 billion. When the TRON Test Net was launched on March 31st, many believed that come the 1st of April, the crypto coin was going to skyrocket, but because the news was leaked so early, TRON (TRX) actually saw a nice increase the week before the launch. What sometimes happens when good news is released early is that the buyers stock up in preparation for the announcement to come to fruition; and by day of the launch, the smart money is selling. But with the Main Net launch on May 31st, TRON (TRX) can expect to see more gains, as it has already had an overall successful performance since its ICO. Investors should act quickly knowing that by the end of May the Main Net launch will be a reality and no longer a rumor.

Over the last week, TRON (TRX) has recorded some spectacular growth and, today, traded as the only green cryptocurrency coin in the top 20 market cap. TRON (TRX) had the highest volume increase last week with a current price hike of 72% over a 7-day period.  Earlier in April we saw TRON (TRX) surpass coins like NEO and IOTA and currently is the ninth largest cryptocurrency by market cap in the world. Statistically proven to be one of the most mentioned cryptocurrencies in social media, it would not be a surspise if TRON (TRX) became one of the most adopted coins of 2018.

This was said by a crypto enthusiast

“As the market updates by the hour, the interesting race between NEO and Tron to the 9th place on the coin market cap continues bringing about ups and downs but despite the rank that the cryptocurrency, Tron, holds it is important to note that it has shown a remarkable growth in the last 7 days, the marketing strategy, the new technology that the company offers has turned investors’ heads around to Tron and the Tronics community is rising with the minute and practicing the long-term principle of HODL.”


People were beginning to doubt TRON (TRX) during February-March of 2018 when the token was trading at a stagnant $0.03. Considering that the $0.03 position was still an increase of 100% from the initial ICO of less than a penny, the impatience of crypto investors is amazing – as they are quick to talk down on a coin that has manifested an overall high performance.

New Listings

Zebpay, one of India’s leading cryptocurrency platforms, added TRON (TRX) to its exchange. Since then, TRON (TRX) has become one of the most traded digital asset on the platform. Prior to this, TRON (TRX) received its first ever Malaysian exchange listing from Coinbene with TRX/USDT trading pairs.

On April 24th, TRON (TRX) received a TRX/USDT trading pair from Bittrex.

Q2 has started out strong for TRON (TRX). With the MainNet set for launch, TRON (TRX) has already seen some marvelous momentum. New investors will begin to flood to this market as news of awesome gains spread across the word. 2018 could very well be the year that we see a $1 trillion dollar market cap.


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