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HOLD Platform plans on surpassing SALT as a “Crypto as a Collateral for a Cash Advance”

HOLD Platform is a lending platform much like SALT that will allow you to ask for a loan by simply putting your crypto as a collateral. Even though loans may sometimes have negative connotation, this form of initiatives is very important on the crypto-space due to the importance of liquidity in crypto investments.

What HOLD (HOLD) allows you to do is simple, if you don’t want to sell your crypto or you want to “HODL” but at the same time you need cash, then HOLD is the platform for you. By creating an escrow that will lock up your funds as a collateral, HOLD will then send you a credit card of that amount in fiat, which means that you can have liquidity without selling your crypto assets.

How HOLD (HOLD) can have major advantages over SALT

What you might be thinking is that SALT already provides these types of services but the major advantage of HOLD platform is the almost instant credit card that will be issued for you to use in any store making adoption of crypto as payment a closer reality. This is a very important middle step towards businesses accepting crypto as payment.

Other aspect that you should be considering is that the team behind the HOLD project has been making excellent strategic decisions such as locating themselves in Malta and also in hiring their CEO, Priyanka Lilaramani, a former Goldman Sachs executive that held a director level job for more than 10 years.

Priyanka Lilaramani, which counts with a 17 year-long experience in international business was a great addition to the team as their CEO, and she intends to draw a lot of attention from big investors, bringing an insane amount of liquidity into crypto.

Image 1 – HOLD CEO – Source:


The HOLD platform plans on giving meaningful liquidity to the cryptoverse since it will accept Ethereum and Bitcoin as a collateral, which means that on the other side of the platform there is someone offering cash for you to store your crypto with them. These crypto assets would then serve as a collateral for cases where the prices drop, which would be okay because you already have your cash.

Below you can compare the features of HOLD when compared against other Lending Platforms that follow similar concepts.

Image 2 – HOLD Comparison – Source:

HOLD Upcoming ICO – 04/05/2018

Even though the expectations will be that the credit card is launched in Q4, this is the time to get in. I personally know the people behind this project, which is a joint operation of two companies. One of which is Mindera which is an IT Leader in Portugal that has grown to almost 300 employees in under 4 years which is undoubtably impressive.

The other component in this project is the HOLD company which has been registered in Malta, which seeks to be the #1 place in Europe for Crypto. Because of this registration’s location, HOLD is one of the first projects to ever implement KYC security measures in a ICO to protect investors from frauds, a legal obligation in effect in Malta.

The date for the ICO is set for tomorrow (04/05/2018) and has the duration of 1 month, and HOLD already has around 22k followers on its telegram group chat which means that with only 6 million to go on their hard cap, the timeline will probably be shorter, it might be one of those cases where the totality of the tokens will vanish in just a few hours.

Image 3 – HOLD ICO – Source:

The price has been set for 25,000 tokens for 1 Ethereum which translates in around $0.025 USD per HOLD token or 0.00004 ETH, and if you would like read more about the project and how to invest I would suggest to follow this link:


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