Verge (XVG) Looking for Partnership that Could Change the Crypto Space Forever

Major partnerships are making Verge the ideal Altcoin to invest in

Verge XVG News Updates – Verge has gained a lot of attention with its Pornhub partnership. Pornhub now accepts Verge coins as payment for Porhnub services including Pornhub HD, Premium, and on-demand services. There is only one restriction; Users cannot pay for recurring subscriptions using Verge coins. The news of the partnership increased the price of the currency within a short period. The rise in the prices is not surprising looking at the history of collaborations between the porn and the technology industry. Anytime there is a Porn industry – technology collaboration, the technology performs well.

According to the founder of Verge, Justin Sunerok, this collaboration is a big deal for Verge because, Pornhub has almost one hundred million users each day, and the agreement gives Verge access to this large number of users. The cryptocurrency is growing once again. The coin is gaining most of the value it lost earlier. However, Verge’s partnership with Pornhub is not the only deal the currency is dealing. There is more, and they seem to be doing the cryptocurrency some good.

TrafficJunky Partnership and its Aftermath

One of those partnerships is the deal with TrafficJunky. Pornhub lured TrafficJunky into this partnership according to the news circulating. The truth is that we are not very much concerned about what led to the deal, all we care about is the benefits the deal will bring to the currency. TrafficJunky announced that it would start accepting Verge on Monday, May 7th, 2018.

People are of the opinion that Pornhub lured TrafficJunky into the partnership because TrafficJunky is an affiliate of Pornhub. What this partnership means is that the advertisers can use Verge coins to fund their account. Verge will have access to over billion users on the ad network. There are rumours that TrafficStars, another ad network will integrate Verge soon.

Rabih Boulmona, the product and operations manager at TrafficJunky said that the collaboration would have come sooner or later. They are excited to add another payment option to their service. The opportunity to fund your account with Verge is not a standard option. It is available on request. The company is mainly happy because, according to them, Verge is safe and convenient to use.


The partnership with Pornhub has also attracted more adult sites. The is news that adult site Brazzers and gaming site Nutaku.net will join Verge soon.

PornHub and Verge collaboration a huge win for the Altcoin
Verge and PornHub to collaborate

Bitbns partnership and Contests

Bitbns, an Indian cryptocurrency exchange platform has also added Verge to its platform. Bitbns also introduced two contests, and they based the battles on Verge trades on the platform. The two contests, “trader of the day” and “depositor of the day” monitor whoever trades more. The individual who sells/buys the most is the trader of the day. The award for this category is INR 5000 worth of Verge coins which is an estimated 970 XVG. The individual must be able to trade at least INR 50000 value of Verge coins estimated at 9700 XVG.

The award of the deposited of the day will also go to anyone who makes the most significant deposit for the day. The person should accumulate at least INR 100000, estimated at 19400 XVG in a day. To meet the requirement of the contest, the person must also sell at least 40% of the deposit within the first day. Bitbns founded in December 2017; the coin has more than 30 tokens on its platform.

Gate.io also joined the Verge family earlier this month. The platform is still working on wallet integration, and users will soon be able to deposit and withdraw. Verge is not the only cryptocurrency that Gate.io added at the time; there is also Nano.

Is Verge and Spotify Partnership Possible

Another potential partnership that is increasingly gaining momentum is the possible deal with Spotify. It is no new that Spotify users are petitioning owners to added a crypto payment option. It is not only Verge users that have made calls to the company. Other cryptocurrency users including Bitcoin, Nano, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ripple have also called on the company to enable cryptocurrency payments.

Initially, the responses were not favourable as Spotify stated that they have no plans of adding cryptocurrency and that they would let users know if they decide to do so. However, the story has changed, and Spotify is asking people to vote on whether they should partner with Verge or not. Currently, Spotify has recorded over 3000 votes, and more people are bound to vote.

If Verge partners with Spotify, the currency will benefit a great deal. The partnership will be the currency’s most significant partnership in a long while. Verge will get access to a large number of users on the streaming site. As of January 2018, the number of paying users on Spotify is over 70 million. A partnership with Verge will boost the entire cryptocurrency market in the long run.  This is why Verge and Stellar Lumens are the top performers at the moment.

Verge Block Halving and What it Means to Verge Followers

Even though these partnerships will cause the surge of prices, in the long run, there is one thing that will discourage some people from investing in the coin. The block halving of the coin. In a Tweeter update, the company revealed that people would mine 2,124,000 blocks of the currency on May 9th. After May 9th, the value of the coin mined per block will reduce by 50%.

The block halving means that miners’ reward will reduce by 50%. This arrangement will reduce the attractiveness of the coin, but users who remain true to the company will benefit in the long run. The move is part of the company’s transparent monetary policy. Halving the value on the block will cause scarcity of the altcoin, and it will increase the demand of coin thereby raising the price in the long run.

Verge price changes for the week with partnership with Pornhub and other partners
Verge chart of the week

Buy now to avoid disappointment after the partnership boom

Although the effects of the partnerships are not evident now, the coin is bound to give investors a good run for their money. The currency is currently trading at $0.071785 with a market cap of $1 billion. The altcoin has a 24-hour trading volume of $50 million. If you want to invest in Verge XVG, now may be the right time to do so. The coin is not enjoying the benefits of the partnerships yet.


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