Why IOTA (MIOTA) Is Important For The Future Of The Automobile Industry

BERLIN – IOTA Foundation and Porsche to join “Program 4“, as envisioned by Startup Autobahn, a common effort between German car-titan Daimler, Plug n’ Play, University Of Stuttgart, and Arena2036.

Being one of the largest in the global economic sphere, the automobile industry did not hesitate to join the blockchain revolution – as a move towards innovation, technological advancement and environmental and mankind evolution showcases the multi-billion industry’s great interest towards this new disruptive technology.

Last year, BOSCH announced that they’re investing into IOTA, by purchasing a big chunk of MIOTA, in order to test machine to machine payments with their latest project – a new autonomous driving chip (Level 5), and also to explore the possibilities of the Tangle, IOTA’s own distributed ledger-based network and the Internet Of Things (IoT) overall.

Later, Volkswagen showed interest in the new technology, and once again, the interest was specifically expressed towards IOTA, due to various factors that set it as a better option than traditional blockchain platforms.

At the same time, both members from Rober Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC) and Volkswagen join IOTA Foundation, taking sits in multiple boards of the Berlin-based non-profit.

Daimler was not directly involved with IOTA, but it was connected to it through its affiliation with multiple companies associated with IOTA Foundation.


For example, Daimler and BOSCH are working together to bring the first truly autonomous taxis in Berlin by 2020. In their vision, the German tech leaders see consumers being able to “order” an autonomous taxi, which would pick you and drop you at desired locations, paid with MIOTA by your smart-hand held device, and charged exactly what you’ve traveled and not a cent more.

The next generation autonomous taxi would charge itself in special power locations around the city and again, pay for the permissionless services with MIOTA.

Based on BOSCH’s relationship with IOTA Foundation, we can be almost certain that Daimler’s new taxis would be using the best machine-to-machine (M2M) economy system exists at the moment.

While Daimler itself might not be invested in IOTA directly, it is one of the main funders behind Startup Autobahn, a German innovation platform, that enables tech leaders, Silicon Valley expertise, and German engineering under the same cause.

In their latest effort, Startup Autobahn creates “Program 4“, where IOTA and Porsche were welcomed among other innovative start-ups and well-established industrial companies, in order to come up with innovative ideas and eventually upscale the smart-mobility of Berlin and the broader smart-city ecosystem.

Our program is designed to accelerate the collaboration between our corporate partners and your late stage startup. Our track record speaks for itself: In the last program alone we had 28 startups participating and they realized more than 50 joint projects with our corporate partners.

While Startup Autobahn was just created in 2016, it managed to establish a well-organized and strong list of allies and associates in Europe, Asia, and overseas.

Startup Autobahn is operating from Arena2036, a hardware lab in Berlin, able to support startups from the initial concept creation, software and hardware manufacturing and testing, all the way to a functioning prototype, enabling companies under Startup Autobahn’s wing with a vast team of professionals equipped with multi-decade experience in various industrial sectors.

Arena2036 is already equipped with all the necessary hardware, software, and HR an innovative tech company would need through its journey to mainstream adoption, making Startup Autobahn’s Programs, some of the most innovative, fastest, and accurate projects worldwide.

Autobahn Startup is currently associated and backed by Daimler, Arena2036, Plug n’ Play, University of Stuttgart, Hewlett Packard Enterprise,, ZF, BASF, Porsche, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Murata, Hella, and Benteler.  

Therefore IOTA Foundation finds itself among some of the key players in the global automobile industry at the moment.

While most blockchain-powered platforms are aiming towards short-term profits generated by the consumer crowd, some companies take technological advancement to a whole new level.

IOTA explores possible integration options of DLT technologies into the broader enterprise scene, establishing trusted relationships and business models with some of the largest industrial entities around the world.

Autonomous vehicles and the machine economy is not just a sci-fi concept as many believe, and IOTA is here to showcase it in real time.

Let me know your thoughts on the future of the automobile industry, and how important you think IOTA is to all this?

Reporting for Tech News Leader, Ross Peili




  1. Thank you for bringing attention to IOTA’s inroads into the automobile industry. IOTA was built to solve the problems of blockchain technology while keeping the benefits. It is such a different approach that it is taking people a while to understand it, but working solutions with manufacturing and automobile companies will make it easier and easier to accept this new technology.

  2. IOTA’S ability to do micro transactions at virtually no cost & faster than any of the blockchain technologies in my mind puts it way ahead of the rest. I see a bright future for this colaboration.

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