Verge (XVG) Partners Tokenpay (Tpay) On Cryptogaming

Verge (XVG) – The sudden friendship between Verge (XVG) and TokenPay (Tpay) is birthing different success stories. Now, the two firms are partnering on Cryptogaming. What this infers is that XVG and TPay are lobbying to be added on some online platforms.

In an announcement on Twitter, TokenPay declared that the two cryptocurrencies are working on Token Gaming. “TokenGaming in Panama today at EGT’s Latin American headquarters meeting with executives about the integration of coins like $TPAY and $XVG in to new custom #crypto games for our platform.”

The run did not begin today, TokenPay around April, declared its intention on cryptogaming while replying to a comment on the Twitter.

“We haven’t announced our acquisition yet but it is important and we believe there is a HUGE market for #crypto gaming, particularly poker as our network reach is massive.”

In another tweet, TokenPay aired that: “TokenGaming Lead Dev Pablo is being interviewed by Colombian media on Day 2 of BSMC. So much LATAM interest in #Crypto, especially as it relates to payments for online casinos and sports betting. #TOKENPAY WILL LEAD THIS INDUSTRY. Powered by $TPAY, the World’s Most Secure Coin.”

Remember, when Verge needed to augment interest and investment with a crowdfunding drive purposely to generate funds that will make the altcoin seal “the largest partnership in crypto to date!” with “a global organization with a vast network of high traffic sites,” the largest donation all came from TokenPay. TokenPay, a privacy-based payments platform, happened to be the savior in the $75 Million crowfund demanded, matching donations of up to 50 million.

Also, when Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee disparaged Verge in a tweet, it was the CEO of Token Pay, Derek Capo, who boldly faced Lee insinuating that he ought not to have interfered in the partnership, for the fact that he was not a donator in the process. The disagreement birth so many opportunities, amongst which TokenPay declared that it is planning to acquire a stake in a bank in Germany, which later came out to be real and sealed afterward.
The Twitter disagreement later resulted in an agreement for Litecoin and TokenPay to achieve Litecoin Debit card or even buy a stake in the same bank.

Recently, Verge and TokenPay announced that they are organising a meet up in Amsterdam.
TokenPay Bank Acquisition May Involve Litecoin and Verge (XVG) TokenPay, which pushed for Verge (XVG)-Pornhub partnership through donation has acquired a stake in a Germany-based WEG Bank AG, with observers pointing that it may carry Litecoin and Verge along in the acquisition. While the deal has been officially sealed, and the share certificates representing 9.9% of the equity interest is given, there is hope for Verge and Litecoin that this partnership will bring about something new for the altcoins because TPay was given an option to acquire an additional 80.1% of the bank stake upon customary regulatory approval.


As announced by TokenPay, the proceed from its token sale was used in acquiring the stake. “Today we are announcing that we have officially closed a deal with WEG Bank AG, located in Germany.”

While Tpay is unveiling this, there is possibility it acquires another bank for the fact that it stated that Lichtenstein Bank has approached the cryptocoin for a similar partnership.

However, going by their earlier discussion, there is tendency Litecoin and Verge join in the acquisition.
When Charlee and Derek were disagreeing on Verge-Pornhub partnership, the later informed that he would be buying the bank and he as well advised that Charlee should come in the partnership, or may be a Debit Card partnership.

“No problem, so when do you want to talk about a REAL debit card solution? We are buying 9.9% of a bank in Munich with option to buy 90%. We have a whole ecosystem and plan in place. Let me know how we can work together. The battle between old and new world is just getting started”

The conversation was halted, and Lee advised they discuss the rest in Camera. In a recent tweet by Verge, the cryptocoin is optimistic that the recent partnership will birth more hopes for Verge Debit Card.

“$XVG debit cards coming soon!,” Verge said, while retweeting TokenPay German bank partnership announcement.

Both Litecoin and Verge are serious about Debit card. However, Charlee in a message to Finance Magnates, confirmed that they are exploring the purchase of a bank in Germany together with TokenPay’s CEO Derek Capo.

Conclusion: the sudden relationship between Verge and TokenPay, is the beginning of progress for the cryptocurrency world, especially now that Litecoin is involved.


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