Intiva Health (NTVA) To Reshape Healthcare Career Services

New ICO Tackling Medical Credentialing with Blockchain

Intiva Health (NTVA)–Since the inception of cryptocurrency with the advent of Bitcoin as a legitimate technology in 2009, blockchain has been held up as the revolutionary technology to come out of the industry. While most pundits outside of crypto agree that the market and investment practices are murky at best, and may constitute the conditions of a bubble (Warren Buffett certainly belongs in that camp), almost all analysts have come to the conclusion that blockchain is here to stay. It has become vogue among futurists to recite the following, “I don’t care about cryptocurrency, but blockchain is where it’s at.”

However, the worship of blockchain ignores the ease of access that cryptocurrency offers to companies and standard users to participate in a blockchain enterprise. While it’s entirely possible to create a blockchain-based technology without the attached cryptocurrency, it misses an equally important tool for growth, adoption and implementation of more blockchain protocols. The potential uses for blockchain have been extensive, put forth by both enthusiasts within the industry of crypto and technocrats among the general population. With or without the attached currency, blockchain has been supported for reshaping the future of elections, handling the security of physical good transfers (including everything from real estate to the diamond trade), and of course, tackling the growing problem that is America’s healthcare crisis

NTVA to Tackle Healthcare Career Management

Enter Intiva Health (NTVA), the world’s first cryptocurrency focused on reshaping one of the most important facets of the healthcare industry: hiring medical professionals and streamlining the credentialing process. Intiva Health, based out of Austin Texas, is a well established career platform for matching and listing the credentials of healthcare providers across the country. Now the company has decided to wade into the cryptocurrency industry, including blockchain, in order to leverage their service on a global basis. The company has instituted an ICO for their forthcoming token, called NTVA, that will work to improve upon the current platform, while also exposing the company to the greater benefits of decentralized development and blockchain protocols.

While those outside the medical industry may appreciate another company tackling the digital space of hiring and matching qualified candidates, the greatest benefit to NTVA will be in the implementation of credentialing services, more commonly known as “Continuing Education,” or “CEs.” Ask any nurse, doctor or licensed practitioner and they will tell you about the headache involved in the credentialing process. NTVA is looking to relieve the stress of managing continuing education by giving providers an all-in-one solution, “to automate the burdensome tasks of credential and licensure management, continuing education, and discovering job opportunities.” NTVA will make it easier for both patients and hiring managers to verify the credentialing of various providers, in addition to giving healthcare professionals access to targeted job opportunities and methods for sustaining their licensure.

Intiva Health’s approach to cryptocurrency may be less groundbreaking than introducing a blockchain-backed electronic medical record or ubiquitous patient file that can be carried and transferred through a smartphone, but it does tackle a challenging cog to the overall healthcare marketplace.

Features of Intiva Health

NTVA’s new cryptocurrency platform will be expanding into what the company is calling ReadyDoc, a credential verification solution that is supposed to greatly improve upon the current industry standard, “ReadyDoc disrupts the existing broken, slow, and error-prone healthcare credentialing system, which today can take weeks or months to verify credentials, and is subject to tampering.” In addition, NTVA will be handling the hiring arm of the medical field, using cryptocurrency to match qualified practitioners with better career opportunities.


Medical professionals will use the NTVA currency as an incentive for listing/verifying their credentials in addition to conducting job searches on the platform or referring colleagues. The NTVA acts as a stamping of their medical qualifications, which can then be cashed in for corresponding continuing education courses (necessary to upkeep their credentialing), or help pay for other job necessities such as malpractice insurance. In time, NTVA could become a one-stop shop for medical career services, handling everything from hiring and credentialing to matching professionals with adequate legal and practice advice.

Beyond Medicine

The space of cryptocurrency ICOs is quickly becoming loaded with copycats and charlatans. Intiva Health is, in some ways, generating more of the generic, industry-speak that has become the standard for blockchain products. The company’s website is littered with phrases like, “decentralized credentialing,” and “tokenizing the medical economy.” However, NTVA has enough of a presence in the medical space to understand the needs of the community. The parent company Intiva Health, has been an established career management source for medical professionals and is using cryptocurrency as a gateway to the improved efficiency of blockchain. NTVA has the potential to make a real impact in the world of healthcare if it can simplify and streamline the credentialing system, in addition to helping professionals find access to better career opportunities. In all, the field of medicine is ripe for disruption through the principles of cryptocurrency. Career management services and better credentialing could be the foot in the door for NTVA’s ICO that eventually springboards into full-blown EMR’s and improved patient care in the growing, global landscape of medicine.


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