Enjin (ENJ) Making Strides At Ongoing Unite 2018 Conference In Beijing

The Enjin (ENJ) team is in Beijing to showcase the Enjin platform at the Unite 2018 conference and the possibilities of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. The Unite events are slated as annual events with venues currently in the cities of Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Berlin and Los Angeles for the year 2018. The Unite Events are places where gamers, developers and gaming enthusiasts meet to unlock the full potential of the Unity engine. They meet up and brainstorm with experts at Unity and other industry leaders on how they can enhance the world of gaming as a community.

Unity is in itself a gaming platform that has been the preferred choice of many game developers around the world. Its platform has been downloaded over 5 Billion times with over 2 Billion games operating on it. It was therefore no surprise when Enjin and Unity announced their partnership back in March this year. This in turn made the Enjin SDK (Software Development Kit), available to Unity developers.

It is with this background that the Enjin team is in Beijing. News from the project’s twitter page indicate that the Enjin display booth at the conference, has been welcoming curious game developers in the hundreds and counting. The event runs from the 11th of May to today, 13th May.

In the tweet, the following was announced:

Reports are coming in that game developers are flocking to the Enjin Coin booth in the hundreds. @RogerWalco and @dethmuffin are swamped and big names are taking an interest. Needless to say, we are over the moon with the response.

                                                                                    Enjin Booth at the event

This event has allowed the Enjin team to answer all developer related questions that might be asked with respect to blockchain technology, gaming and the ownership of virtual goods on the platform. This is not the first time that Enjin is participating in the event, but this time round, the interest and general feel at the conference has been good for the team. 

The future is extremely looking good for the gaming platform as the development team announced plans of exploring more powerful blockchain game development tools on its platform so that players can own virtual items better.


Current market analysis puts the token at the rank of 143 according to and currently trading at $0.143 at the moment of writing this. The token has been able to increase by a welcome 3.32% in the last 24 hours. This is extremely good considering the fact that the markets have been reeling from the Upbit raid and accusations of fraud by South Korean officials.


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May the blockchain be with you!

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