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IOTA (MIOTA) Start of The Upward Trend And Expected To Break Through This 2018

IOTA Expected To Increase Significantly in 2018

IOTA (MIOTA) – The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing some positive recent developments particularly this month of May. The future seems bright as there is a quick a turn-around of events after some slight setback of downward trends experienced. Experts say that bearish trends which happen from time to time are normal and just preparations for the next bull to arrive. The cryptocurrency market is expected to continue on its upward trend and on the forefront of that swift recovery is IOTA. Cryptocurrency prices have been building up since after the first week of May with many expecting the resistance lines to remain at an optimal level once it is reached. IOTA seems to be favored by many due to its chart history, predictability and valuable functions which they say would be its edge against other digital currencies.

IOTA Starts The Day And Week On A Positive Note

At the time of writing, IOTA is priced at $1.93 USD, having an increase of 3.13℅ in the past 24 hours. Analysts are expecting it to rise even more as the day progresses and continue the trend which they say would hold at a high resistance mark. To date, IOTA has a current market cap of $5.23 USD billion and has an approximate total of US$ 88.9 million volume traded the last 24 hours.

IOTA Expected To Increase Four-fold This 2018

For those asking why they should invest in IOTA, the facts and figures are crystal clear. IOTA has gained by 27℅ during the last month followed by going down 18℅ which is well off and safe from the margin it went up to. If we do the Math, IOTA still gained. Now, the trend is in the upward direction once again and many are expecting IOTA reach it’s all-time high of $5.69 USD again in the next months and hold the position. IOTA achieved its peak December of last year at the same time Bitcoin achieved its highest mark at around $15,000 USD.

Most experts and analysts agree that IOTA will most probably hit the $11 USD forecast mark this year of 2018. If so, this would mean a four-fold increase in its value. Such forecasts further spark the interests and excite IOTA traders and investors alike. On a longer timeframe forecast, the predicted value of IOTA after 5 years is approximately expected at around $38 USD. This would be a huge increase and although there are still skeptics, many analysts say that the math and trends match and there is but a huge percentage that this event will happen.

Why Invest In IOTA Today?

When investing in any cryptocurrency, one should always be mindful of relevant data and history of a coin. Any form of investment has its ups and downs and simply put, a winning formula means choosing an investment with more ups than downs; such is the case with IOTA. Given its history, IOTA has to ability to get up and rise from a downward trend, recover and hold a higher resistance value mark.


Another factor which makes IOTA attractive to investors and traders is the team behind developing IOTA itself. Main man and co-founder of IOTA, Dominik Schiener, along with a competent team of experts are always exerting efforts to make the IOTA platform more versatile, secure and effective. With accessibility and connectivity as it’s core missions, the IOTA certainly deserves the reputation it has as ” The Internet of Things”.

These movements in the crypto charts along with the efforts if IOTA’s developers indicate a strong and promising future for the long run in the crypto universe. This makes it a good candidate for investment.

Experts advise traders and investors to consider IOTA not just for short trades but for long-term investments as well. They say a 6 to 10-month run would be a good enough time for IOTA to yield gains and reward willing investors. Margin or day traders can all benefit too as IOTA has got a history of quick recoveries and positive reversals on which day traders earn on the margin.

IOTA set rise this year to about $11 and to a staggering $43 in the next 5 years

Previous And Upcoming IOTA Events

As for upcoming events, IOTA’s Dominik Schiener will be a speaker at TheNextWeb or TNW Conference to be held in Amsterdam this 24th of May. Just May 11, the IOTA Community held a successful session at Chicago as a primer on IOTA’S cooperation with Connexion and how “The Internet of Things” can be optimized for industrial purposes.

Such undertaking of events further solidifies IOTA’s role in the crypto technology as a pioneer in incorporating the platform not only for financial, trade and industrial use but for our common daily lives as well.

Is IOTA A Good Investment For 2018

Even with the recent bearish trends, not only did IOTA not dive into oblivion, but it has managed to pick itself up, do a reversal and maintained a fluctuating but definite upward trend. Many also say that compared to a lot of other digital currencies on the market, IOTA is more predictable. They say IOTA has the characteristic of repeating its history as backed by relative data. This makes it a more likely favorite of many traders. Although IOTA does not move in unbelievable manners of going high up within short periods of time, as the saying goes, better to be slow but sure, than fast and reckless.

IOTA is setting priorities on how its existence and functions could be of great use not only for traders, investors and the crypto community alone but perhaps the whole world in general. The IOTA team not only thinks of its industrial applications but up to the individual consumer level as well. It has also teamed up with some notable companies and the market is optimistic about the outcomes it will produce. IOTA is going beyond the realms of finance and trade alone, exploring waters few have thought of as even possible. Given these facts, there is one solid conclusion experts agree on – IOTA is a guaranteed good investment.


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