The Exciting Rise of ICON (ICX)

Why ICON (ICX) Could Hit Triple Digits

ICON (ICX) is one of the largest blockchain networks in the world, hyper-connecting private and public institutions in a way that no other cryptocurrency has done. The ICON Project aims to connect independent blockchains with different governance, so that they can transact with one another without intermediaries. Among the blockchain platforms that launched their Mainnet when 2018 began, they pride their technology as “the internet of blockchains” since they connect several blockchain networks to each other through the “loopchain – a propriety blockchain engine.” Many analysts believe that it is quite possible this Korean coin will dominate the market in the near future. With a massive consolidation taking place, now seems like the perfect time to invest. Experts believe that by the end of 2018, the coin will reach new all time highs of almost 20x what it is at now, and the current trading price of $4.00 is a steal.

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Samsung Partnership

It is said that the next phase of growth in crypto will be driven by blockchain adoption in the real world. The team behind ICON (ICX) has made public their partnership with one of the leading brand names in the world of electronics, Samsung. The mobile monster now adds to the list of companies partnering with ICON (ICX). This is very exciting for the crypto market. News of another tech giant joining in on the blockchain craze can only make things better as mass adoption becomes inevitable. Samsung will be using ICON’s own Chain ID – (“the world’s first blockchain joint authentication service;”) for their new project called Samsung Pass. Samsung has now found interest in this authentication service, wanting to use it for its own service: Samsung Pass. Both the ICON and Samsung team believe this solution will provide users with “a more convenient and reliable environment for making financial transactions.”

chain id

CHAIN ID is a blockchain identification service that allows customers to use the same certificate across any of the 25 banks and securities companies that have already joined the Korea Financial Investment Blockchain Consortium. In the last year, CHAIN ID has been adopted by a total of eleven securities companies. Unlike existing certificates, CHAIN ID does not need to be registered with each, individual financial institution, or checked with a central authority, and will debut on Android and iOS devices shortly.

Chain ID is to replace the outdated government-issued digital certificates with immutable, verifiable and interoperable blockchain certificates; putting blockchain into the pocket of every Korean allowing for widespread use of blockchain-based transactions in a new ecosystem. This makes Korea the first country to launch a nationwide blockchain-based banking identification system. this is not a surprise as Korea is already home to three of the world’s top five cryptocurrency exchanges.’


By combining blockchain and biotechnology, together, ICON (ICX) and Samsung will improve authentication within the system. Samsung is currently using the bio-metric system for authentication on their mobile devices, but they are also planning on implementing Chain ID into their mobile devices, which is the main reason for partnering up with ICON.

This is great news for the ICON (ICX) token, as its technology is being massively adopted among mobile devices that Samsung is planning on releasing. News of amazing commercial use like this is what leads to imminent bull runs. The ICON team even said this is a “big step towards both real-world adoption and globalization of blockchain technology.”

Since the last settlement price, the currency has changed -4.87% recently touching $3.81315. Following the circulating supply, we note that the number is 387231348 with a market capitalization of $1.4 billion. Today’s volume presently stands at $50 million. ICON (ICX) is expected to rally this May, but nothing is certain.


Many cryptocurrencies will face major hurdles in the upcoming months, as others will soar with a smooth uptrend. For the average investor, the degree of risk may be too high to comfortably risk hard earned capital. Not only are crypto start ups facing stiff competition, but even coins that we thought were already household names. Cryptocurrencies like ICX can quickly dominate the market.

Rather than shove their project down our throats with marketing schemes, ICON (ICX) is effortlessly showing us their sober business project and letting their platform speak for itself.

By allowing blockchains and corporations to communicate with each other, ICON (ICX) will strengthen the tech industry as we know it today. ICON is in the midst of positioning itself to connect the real world to crypto – all through one of the largest decentralized networks. ICON has entered the global gaming market and signed an MOU with a biometrics technology services company, unstructured contents management company, and lead Korean bank. As if this is not enough The South Korean-based ICON Foundation has certainly been intent on collaborating with local universities; already having signed discrete MoUs withSogang University, Pohang University of Science and Technology, and Korea University.


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