Populous (PPT) From Humble Beginnings to Next Big Thing in Democratic Crypto Space

Populous (PPT) – Have you always thought of the reason why the invoice finance industry is dominated by banks and financial institutions and not by the people even though it is self-regulated and allows anyone to lend money to business without the need for licenses?

Populous (PPT), with its ‘humble beginnings’ offers a realistic means for individuals to dominate the invoice financial industry.

How It Started

Populous started off as an idea which has now translated into something amazing, built from the foundation by the people as it is meant for the people. As implied by the name ‘POPULOUS’, it is a platform where people of the community come together, forming an entity to provide finance to businesses who need cash injection.

Unlike other invoice finance marketplaces, Populous differs as the platform is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and it provides investors and sellers a way of trading invoices in a cross auction/crowd financial backing model achieved by smart contracts.

An amazing element of this trading marketplace is that it does not depend on the use of bitcoin and ether alone. Considering the volatility of both cryptocurrencies, populous created its own ‘Pokens’. The platform participant are now able to trade in a more balanced environment and across regardless of currency and geography.

Populous Has A Link With Ethereum


Built on the blockchain technology, Populous sanctions global investors to make real-time bids on invoices, providing them competitive prices, weighing against more centralized competitors of invoice lowering platforms.

Populous is solving the problem of finance for small and medium businesses. Entrepreneurs, in a bid to concluded sales of their products at the start employ the invoice trade agreement that allows for delay in the payment for goods and services. This delay ranges from 30 days to as many as 90 days or even more in some cases.

The payment terms in most cases are not always in favor of these businesses and sometimes leads to what is known as cash flow problem if there arises the need for money to pay for services consumed by the business like wages and some other business expenses, suppliers included.

According to the founder and CEO Stephen Williams, Populous is solving the problem of finance by proving a platform where everyone can invest and businesses can lend to grow their business.

He wrote: “I’m aiming to break down the barriers to entry, giving everyone the opportunity to invest from as little as $100 and earn interest investors could only dream of. The other side of the coin is that we are going to use XBRL data to open the market up to businesses across the globe making it easy for them to obtain the cash flow finance needed to grow their businesses successfully.”

Populous On Live Beta After Months Of Work And Compelling Team Effort

Populous had a successful live beta launch in the beginning of May 2018 where almost a thousand strong came to sign up to be part of the first ever invoice to be funded on the Blockchain. The live beta launch showcased invoice financing on the Blockchain.

In the face of the overwhelming support, Populous allowed only a few contributors in a bid to make certain, a smooth transaction from their beta test network. The invoice is the first to be funded on the Blockchain and has strengthened the resolve of the live beta team to at all time, put the security of the funds and user experience as the top priority on the platform.

PPT holders pledged their PPT for Poken, which would then be used to buy a pre-selected single invoice on the platform. The invoice was bought within a few hours by more than fifteen participants who came together to form a group bid amounting to £190,000.00.

The Populous platform allows users to bid on invoices individually or as a group bid, offering the best cash flow solutions to businesses that have need of invoice discounting.

The launch of the live beta comes at a time where the invoice financing industry is becoming more progressively fast paced with SMEs now seeking alternative financial solutions.

According to the Head of Marketing at Populous, Lou Chan, The team at Populous are humbled by the support of the community and believe that there is still a long way to go in the platform’s bid to become a key actor with a global presence in the invoice discounting industry, and the team are readily prepared and excited for the challenges ahead.


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