TRON (TRX) Using Big Incentives to Drive Main Net Growth

Project Genesis and the Evolution of TRON Marketing

TRON (TRX)–With the official launch of Main Net just weeks away, TRON has been leading a resurgence in the cryptocurrency marketplace, posting over 200% gains in TRX valuation since reaching a low in March. While a portion of the excitement surrounding the coin, and cryptocurrency in general, is fixated on market speculation, TRON has been able to build a following more interested in the technology relative to the rest of the industry. Through open communication with the investment base and TRX community, founder Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation have established a rapport responsible for investing in the technology over empty exchange-based speculation. It started with the successful Test Net update in March, which allowed TRON to accelerate the Main Net launch from June to the end of May.

Riding high on an appreciation of TRX and acknowledgement from the crypto community, TRON has built a regular relationship with both enthusiasts and investors staked on the success of TRX. For all the accusations against Justin Sun as a hype man for his currency, using his private Twitter account to pump the price of TRX, the founder has shown a maturity since last December that is translating into greater success for the currency. No longer is Sun making overt promises and then under-delivering. Instead, TRON has found a way to merge the headline grabbing attention of last year’s Q4, with a more nuanced approach to marketing. Case and point is the TRON Foundation’s Project Genesis, a $2 billion USD payout that is targeting developers and incentivizing TRON development through rewards.

You Get What You Incentivize

TRON is transitioning into a new phase for the currency. Most of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 constituted the coin gaining attention through the action of price speculation. TRON was one of the largest gainers in the final months of 2017, gaining 15000% between the beginning of December and January’s all time high. However, the emphasis on empty speculation through exchange action alone is a short-sighted goal for the currency–one Justin Sun and the TRON team learned all too well in the fallout from TRX’s price dropping to 0.025 USD in March.

Rather than pumping the price of TRX through regular Twitter updates and headline grabbing proposals, the TRON team has found a more nuanced approach to growth: incentivizing the type of interest and development that will build TRON into an industry leading currency. Peter Diamandis, founder of the X-Prize which led to the first commercialized zero-gravity flight, has a rule of business related to TRON’s predicament. Companies don’t get what they want, they don’t get what they deserve. Instead, they get what they incentivize.

The Project Genesis Reward Pool is targeting a strong core of developers for the Main Net platform via massive incentive. The fund is worth two billion dollars, with subsidiary rewards and payouts going to a number of projects. While the primary emphasis is on gathering GitHub support and application development for TRX post-Main Net launch, the fund also serves to spur greater interest in TRON through a number of features: a bounty program to help smooth out bugs and kinks in the Main Net system, a loan project (that paid out its first 100k reward last week) to drive TRX innovation, and a number of smaller reimbursements to community members helping the TRON brand.

TRON and Top Level Utility

With the Project Genesis Reward Pool, the TRON Foundation has established a strong incentive for developers to target their efforts on fleshing out Main Net with applications, but there is also a substantial interest being built through the usability of TRX. With nonexistent fees, ability to scale over 10,000+ transactions per second, and the coin burn/swap that allows the invention of novel currencies on TRON’s network (similar to ERC-20 tokens using Ethereum), TRON has established itself as an industry leading powerhouse. The price may not reflect the same market cap interest as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but TRX is building the foundation for long-term growth and exponential adoption.


The onset of Main Net is exciting news for any TRON investor or crypto enthusiast, but it only marks the beginning of the TRON project. The ultimate goal for the technology is disrupting and reshaping the entertainment industry, through a modern, global, digital network. While television, publications and music are all grounded in a pre-internet scaffolding, TRON’s network is aiming to use blockchain and decentralization to give the various spokes of the entertainment industry a fresh start. This allows TRON to partner with organizations as far-ranging as social media and gaming, all the while uniting the projects on one TRX-backed platform.

Development and real-world usability through applications is the only way the currency will continue to grow post-Main Net launch. The TRON team is getting ahead of the issue by incentivizing greater development and rallying entrepreneurial interest to TRON’s network. While TRON is still in its digital infancy (the currency launched September 2017), the project will suffer from having a network with no reason for users to participate. TRON Dogs and the partnership with was an early outlet for TRX use and one that will continue onto Main Net, but the greater adoption will come through novel applications of TRON and the creation of “sandbox” before developers to build an innovate within.


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