TRON (TRX) Takes Another Significant Step in Preparation for MainNet Launch

Introducing Five New Sections to Website

TRON (TRX) The tenth largest Cryptocurrency by market cap has been bustling and hustling around the world of Cryptocurrency with loads of developments, flaunting the characteristics of being the most aspiring altcoin to bench Bitcoin in the table.

With only 15 days to the mainnet launch of Tron, the Cryptocurrency has made another outstanding move to show that its impeding mainnet launch will not be a flop but something to really show up for. Justin Sun, founder and the brain behind Tron, on his twitter page today announced that the Cryptocurrency has launched a redesigned website to suit the need of its users by making things easier for them.

“$TRX #TRX Re-designed Website of #TRON Launched, let’s sail again.”

Tron in a press release issued today on Medium stated that last weeks was great for the altcoin, and this week, with the latest development, is expected to take better shape.

“The last week was bustling for TRON, with the first receiver of $100,000 TRON LOAN, the updated public chain Odyssey-v.1.0.6, and the airdropped 30 Million TRX to the ETH community. Now a re-designed website has been launched, taking another significant step.”

“The new design features linear elements, epitomized by angular letters found throughout the pages, and interactive experience. After decent researching, red is chosen over navy blue as the new theme hue of this website, because red represents our technological culture of passion, dedication, exploration and persistence. The minimalism is retained on the fonts, icons and buttons, with a twist of flat design”.

The release further aired that icons on the websites have been re-arranged in a manner that will aid convenience for users, and the new design has various sizes and resolutions that is very responsive to devices like PCs, mobile phones and tablets. With improvement on color plan, content structure and reading experience on the re-designed site, all stakeholders and users of the altcoin are offered a more user-friendly portal.

While viewers can now view the global rank, latest news and performance of the altcoin in the market, the major difference between the newly updated site and the previous one is how people are permitted to know the progress of the altcoin “on a real-time and pertinent basis”.


The Five New Things Added To The Websites

According to the release, in a bid to modify the website to a more befitting one, five new sections have been introduced. They include; TECHNICAL, BLOCK EXPLORER, TRX MARKET PERFORMANCE, Tron PG and PRESS RELEASE.


The TECHNICAL section will be covering recent progress, technicality, vision and roadmap, introducing in detail high-throughput, scalability and high reliability of TRON’s TPOS-based public chain.

Block Explorer

The BLOCK EXPLORER offers access to detail description of public chain, the status of super representative elections, and global map progress of all the test nodes of TRON network. This section has three submodules which include Representatives, Most Votes and Newest Account.

Trx Market Performance

While users, investors and stakeholder are always eager to know the market performance of TRX, the redesigned website, on the TRX MARKET PERFORMANCE section gives details of the price, market capitalization, volume, global rank and user count of TRX. TRX holders who are interested in monitoring the rise and fall of this token should focus on this section.

PG 2

Another Section on the newly redesigned website PG 2. PG 2 Billion is one of Tron’s major key projects, and it found a way into the website.

Press Release

For the sake of updates, a press release section where official statements will be posted, for interested readers with sufficient information in order to mitigate the risk of fraud and unauthorized information.

Tron Recent Developments

The nook and cranny of the crypto world have not found repose with the lasting feeling of the wave of Tron disruption as the altcoin continues to invade the sphere with more and more developments.

Tron is looking forward to the launching of it mainnet, a development that will see it migrate from ERC20 ecosystem, an Ethereum network for its own ecosystem. Tron has boasted that it has 100 million DApp users on ERC20 network, and it will be moving them when migrating.

Many observers and analysts have weighed in on the impending mainnet launch, with the opinion that all things have been put in place for the altcoin to excel and triumph in the new development, and if the altcoin moves it 100 million DApp users away to its own ecosystem, Tron could be greatest Cryptocurrency in the world above all.


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