IOTA (MIOTA) Partners Kontakt, To Disrupt Healthcare And Logistic With DLT

IOTA Will Power’s Location Solution to Enable Secure Sale and Sharing of Telemetry Data

IOTA (MIOTA) –, a respected Internet of Things (IoT) location platform provider has publicized that it partnered with the IOTA Foundation, to incorporate IOTA’s next generation distributed ledger technology with’s location platform.

“The integration will enable tamper-proof and chargeable readings of smart sensor data,” said in a statement. “This will equip healthcare operators and supply chain firms which monitor environmental conditions for compliance reasons with fully transparent ways for storing and reporting on telemetry data.”

The collaboration between the two firms is expected to bring topnotch solution, designed specifically for condition monitoring and asset tracking in healthcare and logistics industry.

“For all healthcare operators and logistics companies globally, monitoring temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors is becoming increasingly important for risk management, compliance, and ensuring a high quality of goods and services.”

The firms will leverage Distributed Ledger Technology to ensure that device-to-device and device-to-cloud communication of telemetry streams is encrypted and the data itself is unalterable, thereby increasing trust and transparency, ease dispute resolution, result in better compliance breach detection, and consequently prevent faulty products from being delivered to consumers.

Speaking on the development, Philipp von Gilsa, CEO at said “IoT and blockchain technologies naturally go hand in hand because they have a lot in common,” adding that “both are decentralized, their markets are in early stages, and a limited number of players showcased successful applications. We are starting our blockchain initiative with IOTA to speed up adaptation and innovation in both spaces.”

IOTA In The Technology World

In addition, IOTA has also made remarkable partnerships within this period, ensuring its strategic move towards future plans.

Among the companies IOTA partnered with include automotive magnum companies like Volkswagen and Porsche. Clearly, IOTA is creating room for having its technology now in the industry of automotive and electric vehicles.

The IOTA’s Network, Tangle is set to be used for facilitating easy and simple, profitable connectivity between machines, establishing a decentralized machine-to-machine communication to be driven by MIOTA.


Tangle technology is a technology where infinite scalability is allowed at zero cost.  This feature makes Tangle a whole lot better than blockchain technology, and it impacts also make IOTA (MIOTA) to ripen in the cryptocurrency world for large scale adoption.

Using Tangle, IOTA goes further than the traditionally known blockchain based platform. On the other hand it makes up for its own industry while being connected to the Internet if Things, bearing it in mind the future model of business ventures and industry collusion.

IOTA’s partnership with big auto companies, has the potential of establishing a transfer system that can serve the purpose of paying for a range of services and products, all through a user’s vehicle.

The relevance Tangle has been broadened up to being a key factor that is shaping the future of IOTA. This relevance is highlighted by the fact that aside Porsche, Volkswagen, and IOTA, about 30 more companies connected with the auto industry have joined a movement called Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (Mobi), with a drive to present in the auto industry, connectivity resolutions for machine-to-machine communication.

The Trinity Wallet

The importance of a good wallet cannot be over looked. Without a good wallet, it is almost impossible to store coins but IOTA’s Trinity wallet promises a good delivery. It is anticipated that the release of the Trinity wallet will lead to an increase in the price of IOTA (MIOTA) as demand is expected to spur as it promises to eliminate the security risks involved in exchanges. In essence, once Trinity is released, the price of IOTA (MIOTA) will increase as investors will be on a rush to stock up their wallets.

The trinity wallet is expected to be both in mobile and desktop versions, with a support for fiat currencies. This certainly will ease accessibility to IOTA, a trend that can catalyze a volume surge into IOTA, a move definite to drive up the value of IOTA in the long run.

The release of the trinity wallet will also catalyze new investors to buy IOTA based purely on ease of access. The trinity wallet has a desktop and mobile versions. It also has support for fiat currencies. These features will make IOTA accessible to lots of people. For instance, in the last update, the IOTA team has announced that the trinity wallet will have support for the argentine peso among other fiat currencies. This ease of access could drive a serious volumes surge into IOTA, which is guaranteed to push up the value of IOTA in the long-run.


IOTA (MIOTA)’s potential can be well evaluated from the kinds of project that are being adopted by the platform. These projects include: smart city designers, and fueling stations for electric cars. The potential for massive implementation will no doubt drive the growth in value of IOTA (MIOTA) going into the future. Interestingly, the new partnership is expected to bring IOTA to the logistic and healthcare industry. Hopefully, IOTA will bring revolution to the industry.


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