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How Verge (XVG) Will Revolutionize The Adult Film Industry

A while back a blockbuster hollywood movie made me want to be an entrepreneur. It was one of the most genius movies I have ever seen and it is still in my collection. I dust it off once in a while and place the DVD in the now almost obsolete DVD player and press play. That movie is Middle men: and it talks about how two regular geeks with an appetite for partying, figured out how to post some porn on the internet and make seamless charges to the credit cards of willing customers. The movie is based on a true story. A true story that is resonating to anyone who believes in the Verge (XVG) project and how huge the recent partnership with MindGeek is.

See, in the movie called Middle Men, the creators of the payment system realized that they do not want to get involved in the actual porn creation. They saw an opportunity as middle men in the payment transactions. They created a billing company that acts as a third party for the subscriptions to porn sites. As a result, when you charged your credit card back then, the billing entity is the third party company with a ‘more sanitized’ business name than the porn site. Therefore, a man with a wife, felt comfortable when the credit card statement came, for the pornsite did not appear on it. The third party billing company was the one stated on the statement. How genius is that?!

The adult film industry loved this new way of billing and adoption happened faster than you can say To the Moon! Another factor that accelerated this movement, was the rapid growth of the internet back in the early noughties fueled by increased access to home PCs by people across the globe.

The reason for going through this elaborate story from the past, is that XVG recently partnered with MindGeek that owns a bunch of these porn sites including the world Famous New subscriptions on Pornhub can now be paid using XVG which is a coin that is all about the privacy of the transaction and user. This means all you need to do, is buy some XVG in an exchange, create a username on pornhub and subscribe using the XVG as payment. Of course you’ll have to use the privacy element on the XVG wallet that is available for download on the XVG website.

From where this author stands, it is only matter of time before the entire adult industry catches wind of this trend as it caught on during the scenario exhibited by the Middle Men movie described above. The porn industry is valued in the billions. The exact figure is not known but some estimate that the industry is worth a cool $95 Billion. The figure could be higher and Verge now has a front row seat in revolutionizing the industry.

Twitter user XVG Mikey echoes this statement with a recent tweet below:


Be part of the revolution @PABO_NL! All mass adoption started with the adult industry, #Verge recently collaborated with #MindGeek. Verge has low transaction costs, no multiple fees like credit cards, speed and optional privacy, that’s #XVG. Let’s talk! #cryptocurrency

That said, the coin is currently affected by a weak Bitcoin (BTC) and a deeclining market at the moment of writing this. XVG is currently trading at $0.0524 and down 5% in 24 hours. What one can do, is to either HODL for that is one wise option; or accumulate some more on the premise that the future looks bright for the project and cryptocurrency.

To The Moon!


Obi Wan Crypto

May the blockchain be with you!

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