The Case For Tron (TRX) Is Strong As MainNet Launch Approaches

The markets are not pretty this morning, but that is okay. The Crypto-verse is probably trying to recover from the constant FUD and shaky news that have left many disappointed. One such news is the recent banning of ads by Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. But that should not worry anyone who is a Tron (TRX) fan and HODLer. The Tron HODLer is probably anxious as to when the 31st of May shall arrive amongst other things that make the project exciting and worth investing in.

To begin with, the CEO of the project, Justin Sun has done a stellar job in terms of guiding the project from a whitepaper to a now force to reckon with in the crypto-verse. Justin Sun has been termed as the protege of Jack Ma and even recently graduated from the Hupan University that was co-founded by Mr. Ma. This is some extraordinary feat for the university does not admit just anyone. No. There is a rigorous process of shortlisting candidates and only the best of the best get a shot at being mentored by Jack Ma and the faculty at the University that comprises of other seasoned entrepreneurs and business experts.

Also to add is the young and professional team that makes up the Tron technical team. Justin Sun recently tweeted about the rapid pace at which they are growing as they on-board at least one new employee per day. Justin Sun had this to say in a tweet that included a group photo of the Tron team in Beijing.

Finally got a group photo with all 108 #TRON Beijing office team members. We are one of the fastest growing #blockchain teams, sending out 1 offer/day. We expect to be 400 strong by year end, exceeding ETH, and have a global team of 1k+ in 2019. Join the revolution! 💪 $TRX #TRX

Group photo, Tron team in Beijing

This team might look young, but they are  the perfect fit for an ever changing Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. They are better placed to connect with the young population that is between the ages of 13 and 35 who are knee deep in cryptocurrencies right now. A young professional team would know what is trending and what their customer base needs.

A third element that makes the Tron project remarkable even before we mention the product of the Tron Main Net, is the constant communication that Justin Sun and the entire team makes an effort in doing. Per the observation of many Cypto-ethusiasts, the Tron team always posts an update on twitter, medium or even telegram on a daily basis. This gives a sense that the team really is determined to keep the fans and HODLers in the loop of developments.

Last but not least, is the Tron Main Net that is scheduled for release less than two weeks away. The countdown on the Tron Website reads 12 days 15 hours 29 minutes and 28 seconds at the moment of writing this. The Main Net is bound to change the game of smart contracts and Decentralized applications as we know it.


Also to add is the announcement of a giveaway by Justin and the team in the form of a dream home. The details are yet to surface, but one can only guess it is tied to the MainNet launch; or even the token migration on the 21st of June; or the Super Representative elections on the 26th of June.

The token has dropped significantly in the markets to the current value of $0.067. There are two options one can take: keep HODLing or accumulate some more.


Obi Wan Crypto

May the blockchain be with you!

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