Crypterium (CRPT) Up 5% Amidst News of A New Website, Litecoin (LTC) Integration, A New CEO from VISA

Crypterium (CRPT) is enjoying some good gains in the cryptocurrency markets right now. The token is currently trading at $0.99 and up 5.10% in 24 hours. This is a strong indicator that the project is solid as was illustrated during the ICO phase.

News reaching indicate that the project has just made three major announcements that shall be elaborated below; and probably the cause of the token’s rally in the markets.

To begin with, the project has unveiled a new website. This new design is user friendly from the get go and still retains the signature blue color scheme that was seen during the ICO phase. The navigation is pleasant with a section for the latest news, with regards to Crypterium, available to the user. There is also the usual social media links to all the online communities of the project and token.

At the bottom of the site, you find a list of the current partners of Crypterium: Bancor, PAYQR, Blockchain Law Group, Ambisafe and WCB.

The second news coming from the Crypterium team is the appointment of a new CEO who is an expert in FinTech and the former CEO of Visa U.K. His name is Marc O’Brien.

Marc has over 25 years of experience in FinTech, financial services and RegTech (Regulatory Technology). Before joining VISA as CEO and working there for 6 years, Marc was a long term adviser at Mastercard. While at Visa, Marc spearheaded the doubling of Visa’s business from $250 Million to $600 Million.


Imagine what he will do with the Crypterium project!

The third news coming from the Crypterium camp, is the availability of Litecoin (LTC) on the Crypterium App. You can now load LTC onto your Crypterium wallet with full functionality available soon.

The Crypterium Project aims at bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and their everyday use in buying of goods and services. The project believes that cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world. They can change the entire distribution of wealth, and give the two billion unbanked people access to the same type of financial services that everybody else has. They are building products to enable people to do things that today are just impossible.

With the new CEO and the already existing top notch team, the project is surely to achieve all its objectives and goals. This will consequently lead to the token continually gaining in the markets because its use is that of ‘fuel’ or ‘gas’ for transactions on the app. No transaction can process without some CRPT.


Obi Wan Crypto

May the blockchain be with you!

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