TRON (TRX) The Big Bull is Coming

Surging Ahead of Mainnet Launch

TRON (TRX) – is a decentralized entertainment content sharing platform derived of blockchain and peer-to-peer network technology. This platform allows users to build and store applications, execute smart contracts, and makes it possible for users to own their own data rather than giving it to a third party host. Tron was founded by a non-profit Singapore-based foundation, the Tron foundation, led by CEO Justin Sun. Sun, famous for being the young prodigy of billionaire and Ali Baba founder Jack Ma, has been put on a big pedestal by the cryptocurrency industry and business industries alike. Ironically enough, rumors are surfacing of a possible partnership between the two: Alibaba and TRON.

Jack Ma is the founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. Ma has been researching blockchain for years and believes strongly in its potential to solve issues of data privacy and security and governments and individuals.

Unfortunately, it is unknown to the public whether or not this partnership is really in the works as no official announcements have been made in regards to this specific deal. However, by paying attention to both of the companies activities one can sense news of sometimes big, as it is obvious Ma sees big potential not only in Justin Sun but also in blockchain technology. Justin sun and Jack Ma do have a strong relationship and if Ma is as exciting about blockchain as he says, it would make sense for him to work with the Tron foundation as opposed to the others.

Justin Sun mentioned in a post on twitter about the possible exciting partnership announcement between TRON “and its biggest partner ever.” Since that tweet, the community has been riled up.

Justin Sun recently graduated from Hupan University, of which Ma is the principal, as the program’s first millennial graduate. Tron is one of the fastest growing blockchain programs in the world, starting at an ICO of under a cent it quickly reached an all-time high of $0.31.

As the Tron community waits for the May 31st Main Net launch, in which TRX will migrate from Ethereum’s network and be on their own independent blockchain, it is evident that that the current trading price is a gateway. Tron provides a number of different platforms that deal in several digital and fiat currencies. As blockchain developers they offer many other services and and advantages besides their own crypto coin.

Tron is currently at the forefront of todays bullish trend. These signs suggest it could reach a price as high of $0.08 very soon. Some believe Tron (TRX) to go as high as $3 this year.


Among the main reasons we see good fortune is the formation of a couple bottom on its one hour chart. Tron (TRX) is still benefiting from an intensive marketing campaign that publicized the digital coin as the preferred cryptocurrency for investors. Tron’s current low price still confirms big potential. The 100 SMA for TRX is lower than the log-term 200 SMA target indicating the direction of least resistance is still on the downside.

Investors are expecting today’s rebound to be the one we have all been waiting for. Most digital coins in the market are lining in breakout formations for intra day trading. Many  observers believe TRX will experience a significant breakout soon.

With the Tron virtual machine main net launch date approaching, today, Bixin announcnced that it would support the TRON blockchain upgrade and token migration. As one of the superior cry[tocurrency wallet platforms in the world, Bixin provides convenient, safe and professional cryptocurrency trading services, with automatic topping up of 7* 24 hours and second level transactions. Established in 2014, Bixin is one of the largest blockchain wallets supporting BTC, ETH, TRX, and other digital currencies. RightBTC, the first digital trading platform in Dubai, recently added TRON to its exchange, while an increasing number of other digital exchange platforms have shown support of TRON’s blockchain upgrade and token swap.

According to TRON Foundation, at least 20 startup teams are working to develop a TRON DApp Ecosystem. Sun has announced that the first batch of TRON’s recommended Daps would launch on June 5. The crypto market is definetly experiencing some consolidation after the gains of April. Some experts have publicly stated they believe May will be the last time we ever see Bitcoin at $10,000 as adoption becomes widespread. TRON (TRX) is a contender to be one of the best performing coins of 2018. TRON’s roadmap for the rest of the year looks pretty spot on. The team has already proven to be one of the more transparent groups in the industry and the token itself has been performing very well since its ICO and the price of TRX is set to exponentially increase in the near future.


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