Tron (TRX) Token Migration To Be Supported In These 10 Exchanges

The general crypto-market is in the red once again. Bitcoin (BTC) has had a hard time maintaining levels above $8,500 for the last 2 days. The King of crypto is currently trading at $8,260 and down 2.67% in 24 hours and at the moment of writing this. BTC’s performance has also affected our favorite token, Tron (TRX). At the moment of writing this, TRX is currently down 1.99% and trading at $0.07959. The upside is that now TRX is in the number 9 spot having edged out IOTA. The difference in market capitalization between the two cryptocurrencies is $501 Million.

One of the most likely driving forces of TRX edging out IOTA is the proximity of the MainNet launch that is less than 2 weeks ago. The current countdown reads 8 days, 11 hours and 50 minutes at the moment of writing this.

Also to note, is the schedule token migration between 21st and 25th June this year. Users and HODLerrs of TRX are advised to transfer their tokens to the numerous online exchanges to facilitate the smooth transition to the new TRX coin on the new MainNet blockchain. It is with this knowledge that we’d like to point you, the reader, in the right direction as to which exchanges will be supporting the token migration.

A team at has summarized these exchanges as follows:

  1. Bittrex, currently ranked 21st on with a daily trade volume of $76.575 Million
  2. Bitfinex, currently ranked 4th on with a daily trade volume of $356.9 Million
  3. is currently ranked 15th on with a daily trade volume of $95.582 Million
  4. Binance, a famous exchange founded in Shanghai but with intentions of moving to friendlier jurisdictions as Chinese Authorities continue cracking down on cryptocurrencies and crypto trading. Currently ranked 3rd and according to daily trade volume, the exchange is currently doing $1.09 Billion in daily trade
  5. Coinrail, a South Korean Exchange that is optimized for users and cares for user convenience and safety, aiming to provide user-oriented system & design
  6. Coinnest, one of the largest cryptocurrencies in South Korea and ranked 106th on
  7. Zebpay, the first Indian Exchange to offer TRX/XRP trading pairs
  8. Bitpie Wallet, which provides easy functions such as built-in exchanges and instant trade
  9. Bixin, one of the largest blockchain wallets that support BTC, ETH, TRX and many more cryptocurrencies
  10. RightBTC, the first global cryptocurrency trading platform in Dubai, ranked 31st on Coinmarketcap
  11. Upbit (News just in), this is a famous South Korean exchange that recently was accused of fraud. But incoming news are exonerating the exchange from any wrong doing.

As the MainNet launch nears, TRX holders are sure to experience some good market action despite the general feel of the market being one of decline. The beauty of the crypto market is that sometimes a coin or token can defy the market decline and skyrocket to previously unknown levels. Perhaps this is why Justin Sun has been quoted as saying that he wants TRX to become a top 6 coin soon after the MainNet launch.


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