Time To Buy The Tron (TRX) Dip Ahead of The MainNet Launch

The crypto market is in the red but we have been here before. Earlier in the year, when there was so much FUD, the markets were in the red on a daily basis. Any seasoned Crypto-enthusiast or trader who has been around since last November knows that there are three options at this juncture: cash out, Hold On To Dear Life (HODL) or stock up on more of your favorite coin or token. It is with the latter I hope we are all considering and with respect to our favorite token: Tron (TRX).

The MainNet launch is on the 21st of May and 6 Days, 9 hours, 55 Minutes and 19 Seconds away (at the moment of writing this). The 31st will be on a Thursday just like this one and if the market’s past performance is anything to go by, the market should pick up again late on Sunday or early Monday. With respect to TRX, it is safe to conclude that today’s price will be as low as it gets before next Thursday. TRX is currently trading at $0.0718 at the moment of writing this and has depreciated by only 0.58% in the last 24 hours.

For the lucky few who were watching TRX today, its lowest value came only a few hours ago when it was priced at $0.0687. Congratulations if you bagged some more TRX!

The Tron foundation, in a bid to boost the participants of the MainNet launch, have initiated a Tron Airdrop for its members. The airdrop is legitimate and has been endorsed by Justin Sun via Twitter and the Tron foundation via Telegram Messenger. You can get 2 TRX when you sign up and an additional 4 TRX when you refer a friend.

The price of the token, and later coin, is bound to keep appreciating with the anticipated time table of events that follow the MainNet launch.

The MainNet will be launched on the 31st with serious testing to start on the 1st of June to the 24th of the same month. During this time period, token users will get test tokens via designated links to test on the MainNet’s tron wallet. Also during the 21st to the 24th, will be the token migration that will occur on all exchanges that support the migration.


Exactly on midnight, and on the 25th of June, the Genesis block of the Mainnet will be launched and in time for the Super Representative elections on the 26th of June.

Therefore, there is some considerable ACTION in the TRON sphere of things for another cool 4 weeks after the MainNet launch.

It is therefore with this information that it is safe to conclude that the time is ripe to buy the current TRX dip in the markets.


Obi Wan Crypto

May the blockchain be with you!

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