Crypto Traders HODL TRON (TRX) as MainNet Launch Looms

TRON Expected To Set New Price Benchmark On Its MainNet Launch Scheduled May 31

May 31st is expected to be another big day for the crypto community as TRON (TRX) is set to launch its MainNet. To those unfamiliar with the term, MainNet is “main network”, which means TRX will have its own blockchain platform rather than ride piggyback to that of Ethereum’s. There is a lot of buzz about this project and it has brought forth the support of many. The clock is ticking and speculations as to what could happen with the coin’s market value are diverse but most of the positive sentiments.

Aside from its developers busy on technical preparations for the digital migration, team TRON is working on other things such as website updates, press releases, and others. Investors, analysts, traders and even bystanders knowledgeable in the world of digital currencies agree that once their own blockchain is up, TRX market price value will soar high. According to its CEO, Justin Sun, they anticipate a big and successful outcome for the altcoin’s MainNet launch.

Aside from its MainNet launch due end of the month, it also has the TRON Virtual Machine 1.0 which is scheduled for its own launch earlier this 25th of May. Then around the third week of June, just weeks after the MainNet launch, they will facilitate token swaps. To follow that would be the elections of their Super Representatives as the altcoin becomes injunction with the TRON Community and TRON Foundation. These series of events are already turning the tides in favor of the coin.

TRON Fights The Bear And Maintains Uptrend

During the last days of April and early May, the bear seemed to paint the crypto world red and very few of the cryptocurrencies were spared of the plague. More than 75% of the existing cryptocurrencies suffered a downtrend and although some have already recovered, many others are still left in the dark. Of the very few who fought the bear, TRON was one of those who went against the tides and even showed progress amidst the turmoil.

TRON is one of the very few altcoins with an outstanding record and history. Since the last year 2017, it gained by 2151%, the last three months gained by 74% and last month by 21%! Its current market value price at the time of writing is $ 0.07128 and the total volume traded the last 24 hours is US$ 583,701,000.00. It maintains a total market cap of US$ 4.686 billion.

Price before the launce
Tron chart source

TRON Supporters Expecting The Bulls To Run Wild On Its MainNet Launch

With the MainNet launch set just a week from now, speculations of a bull run are the talk of the town. The migration process for current coin owners will be automatic with no need for any other extra procedures. Traders are getting ready and positioning themselves for the best possible scenario to take advantage of what is to happen as events unfold. Although the launch is not due for another week, the coin’s charts are already experiencing upward spikes and many say it will be much higher on launch date and expected to hold its position on the higher bracket. To date, it holds the 9th position in the top cryptocurrencies chart.

Many chose to get hold of TRX ahead of time using crypto exchange platforms such as Zebpay, Binance, Bitfinex, Coinrail, Bixin, Coinnest,, Bitpie Wallet, and RightBTC.

Bithumb, Upbit, and IDAX Show Their Support To TRON

Upbit, South Korea’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform confirms its support to TRON’s migration to its own blockchain platform. Upbit was formed last year by the Kakao Corporation upon collaboration with Bittrex. At present, Upbit has 110 token transaction types with more than 200 digital currencies on its exchange platform.

Two other prominent entities in the crypto exchange sector namely Bithumb and IDAX join Upbit on its support to TRON. Its still a week before the big launch and experts say that more things and events will unfold during the next days.

TRON Pledges $ 1.7 Million Airdrop To The Ethereum Community And New Office In Taiwan In Line With MainNet Launch

With the scheduled MainNet launch this end of May, other plans from within team TRON are brewing. One would be the opening of its office in Taiwan which they say would happen very soon. Another is the effort to further develop and expand its digital ecosystem as a way to accommodate and rectify any shifts in its community due to the migration project. There is also the pledge for a US$ 1.7 million airdrop or 30 million in TRX to the Ethereum community as an initiative to further capture and invite new market within the crypto network. This they say will be a show of gratitude to the ETH Community for extending their support during their stay when they were still in the development phase. The airdrop selection will be at random amounts ranging from 10 up to 100 TRX.

As days pass and the launch date grows nearer, TRON’s supporters are excited and becoming restless. Even those who are not fans of the altcoin are having interest and quickly gathering all the relative information as to what is to happen and how it can affect the coin’s market value. Most say that it will be many sleepless nights after the launch as coin holders would be so ever vigilant and on guard as to how things will flow. It was already a very promising altcoin, to begin with, and has a good history. It defied the odds when it swam against the tides, prevailed its position and actually progressed when the majority of the digital currencies were experiencing a great fall. And now, with the MainNet launch, TRON finally has its own blockchain platform. As early as the 1st week of May, signs of the bull are on the horizon as the coin’s price experienced spikes every now and then. Experts and supporters say the world will bear witness to more millionaires overnight after the launch date as those who invested wisely will reap the fruits of their coins.


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