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UN Office for Project Services Latest Partnership

IOTA (MIOTA) –Ever since technology became a necessary tool to drive growth, it was not widely accepted until the internet became an important tool for day to day activities, even in villages. However, the advent of internet, which opened the world to many opportunities may not be the best thing to have happened to technology, the blockchain idea is appearing to be one inspiring introduction in the history of innovation, with the likes of IOTA (MIOTA) involved.

If we talk of development in areas of technology, especially blockchain, IOTA is one of the beautiful project dedicated to making the Internet of Things widespread, while giving it opportunity to have more uses cases. IOTA is touted as the first open-source distributed ledger that is being built to power the future of the Internet of Things with feeless micro-transactions and data integrity for machines. The project is currently wining in the blockchain space, gaining acceptance and partnership.

IOTA Partners UNOPS To Bring Transparency And Efficiency To UN Work

One of the most fascinating thing about IOTA is the fact that it has many use cases. This has made it possible for industry to see opportunities in the blockchain.  It is remarkable to bring in that IOTA and the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) are partnering to enhance efficiency and transparency in UN work.

The partnership, is going to be solely depending on IOTA’s open-source distributed ledger for data management and it is expected to bring about efficiency in the organization and everything related to UNOPS.

Julie Maupin, Director of Social Impact & Public Regulatory Affairs at IOTA Foundation disclosed this in a press release stating the two organizations collaborated to see how IOTA’s innovative technology can increase the efficiency of UNOPS operations.

Yoshiyuki Yamamoto, UNOPS Special Advisor on Blockchain Technology who spoke on the latest development aired that the organization, which shares a vision where machines, devices, sensors and people connect and communicate to each other, is partnering with IOTA to harness technology that will propel the organisation.


“We share a vision where machines, devices, sensors and people connect and communicate to each other — it’s the world of ‘Industry 4.0.’ Harnessing technology that allows for these processes to work simultaneously, without the need for intermediaries, will help expedite our mission as an organization.”

One of IOTA Co-founder, Dominik Schiener who welcomed the idea stated: “We are thrilled to begin working together with UNOPS and to tackle current and future challenges together. The IOTA Foundation is fully committed to putting the IOTA Tangle to work on behalf of important humanitarian and development causes.”

In the same line, another IOTA Co-Founder, David Sønstebø who showed commitment on the new partnership made know of the blockchain project’s readiness to help UNOPS, stating further that, “Shared global problems require shared global solutions.”

“With our open-source, permission-less innovation approach, IOTA’s distributed ledger technology lends itself uniquely to this kind of cooperative problem-solving,” he added.

The statement opined that IOTA’s distributed ledger has the potential to hand in a greater level of efficiency in the management and tracking of UN documents, supply chains and transactional payments in real-time, with access available to both UNOPS and its partners.

There is great hope that the collaboration will extends further to training workshops, thought leadership seminars, and the development of specific proof-of-concepts to bring greater efficiencies to specific areas of UNOPS work.


Not long ago, IOTA joined the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), a network comprising of Bosch, Groupe Renault, BMW, Ford, General Motors, ZF, and other mobility and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) leaders.

The consortium is dedicated to augmenting DLT standards, pilot projects, and open source software tools. IOTA’s readiness at standardizing DLT is one in town, and there is indication more development follows after the announced partnership.

IOTA (MIOTA) Partners Kontakt

IOTA is not relaxing at all. The blockchain project makes it a duty to partner with big firms in the technology word. Recently,, a leading IoT (Internet of Things) location platform provider and the IOTA Foundation collaborated to incorporate IOTA’s most sought after distributed ledger technology with’s location platform.

The incorporation of the technology will give room for “tamper-proof and chargeable readings of smart sensor data.

The idea will enhance healthcare operators and supply chain firms that are concerned with monitoring environmental conditions in a transparent manner, while storing and reporting on telemetry data.

More Partnership.

Expectation is high that IOTA will partner more tech firms. The project has collaborated with the like of Fujitsu on automation, and ElaadNL on World’s first IOTA Smart Charging Station. There are still numerous partnership that this article may not be able to cover, however, there is tendency that the new partnerships begin to have positive effect on the value of IOTA in the market.


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