Lisk (LSK) Core 1.0 Beta Almost Ready

As Lisk Aims For Stability For The Long Run, Supporters Grow In Number

Lisk (LSK) – It’s a good start to the day as it goes green on the charts with 2.09% gain against the US Dollar in the past 24 hours. Its current market value price is $ 9.43 USD. The total volume trade the last 24 hours is US$ 14.664 million while it maintains a $ 1.002 USD market cap in rounded figures.

To date, Lisk holds the 24th ranking position on the world’s list of cryptocurrencies and actually ranked 3rd on as a blockchain project in China Considering the crypto market’s recent volatility and fluctuations with mostly on the downtrend for most currencies, Lisk is actually doing very well. More good news for the altcoin as it gets nearer to its Core Beta Testing phase.

Prices for the week 25 May 2018 and the last 7 days
Lisk (LSK) chart source coinmarketcap.com

Lisk China’s Top 3 Blockchain Platform With Good Reason

Just a month ago, the Core 1.0 Beta Testing was announced by the developing team and since then, many have been anxious and waiting. Their efforts are not left unnoticed as China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially made the statement and ranked the altcoin as the 3rd position on blockchain projects in China. The previous rankings had Ethereum (ETH) at 1st place, followed by Steem on second and on third is NEO with LSK ranked as fourth on the list. Due to their efforts in further developing their platform to make it as efficient as possible, it took over NEO’s rank position.

The update was in line to address certain previous issues with the platform such as memory leaks and also to further improve security and make the block processing more efficient. New API tools will be developed and integrated as well. The team also stated that the beta version is almost ready but they are just taking time and making last minute checks to be sure that everything will be in proper order. The team only wants the best and is working hard that the system will be fully functional with the new updates free from possible bugs and glitches.

Lisk Team Promotes Blockchain Awareness In North America

Recently, people from Lisk has been traveling all over to promote awareness on the Lisk blockchain platform. They traveled mostly to many parts of North America with the aim of accumulating new markets and developers as well on their blockchain platform. This is a smart move as the Canadian and US markets are of great importance to the crypto market which affects the rest of the world in general. From Ottawa, Seattle, San Antonio and many other cities more, the team relentlessly shared what Lisk is all about. Aside from investors, traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts and many others came to meet with the team who are not yet knowledgeable on the world of cryptocurrencies of the blockchain system. That sector of the new market could potentially add up to Lisk’s existing community of users.

Lisk Stability Attracts Investors

There are many factors investors and traders consider before opting to buy or invest in a cryptocurrency. As the whole crypto market experienced the power of the bear and most dwelled in red for several weeks, many ask why people are still buying Lisk. One factor which attracted people to Lisk recently was its addition to Abra which is, of course, a leading crypto exchange platform, particularly in Asia. Then there were the team’s efforts to update the platform to make it all the better and stable. On top of that, landing the Top 3 spot for best blockchain in China. Such factors and events only mean stability for the altcoin. Continued progress only means that Lisk is here to stay for the long run and most probably will exhibit great performance. Its number on the charts seem fairly well too as it still maintained a good market value even after the correction on the market for the great crypto boom late last year and early January.

Lisk (LSK) going to the moon
Lisk movement

LSK has got one of the most user-friendly blockchain platforms in the market. From the integration of digital apps to creating various tools, many say these functions that it offers are noteworthy as well but it is not the main reason why it has a loyal following of investors and traders. Comparing the altcoin’s performance to that of others, LSK is a champion in terms of recovery and going through hard times. Being able to withstand high volatility periods, picking itself up and going for a stable uptrend growth, arguably, it is the most stable digital currency there is today.

Stability is King to the eyes of investors. Spikes and quick runs of high market value price are mostly short-lived. Some last for days or hours, while some barely minutes. Seasoned and trained investors know how to spot a good investment and judgment can’t be based on just one day of a sudden rise in its price. Historical data and information are of utmost importance.

As the world goes through a definite phase of transition with the advent of new cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, we are flooded with so many information and options. The race to what will be the standard is on. The question of who will prevail is also a big concern. While others experience gigantic leaps in value on repeated occasions and undergo a correction and the process repeated, Lisk takes on a definite path. Security by means of stability is key as the team prepares for its existence for the long run and not for it to be just another flash in the pan.

As days pass in the crypto community, people become more aware and educated and very soon there will be an even and neutral platform with stability. Many of those who have done great research in the field of crypto trading and investment trust Lisk as their cryptocurrency of choice primarily due to its continued growth and stability.


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