Stratis (STRAT) Sets It’s Priorities To Smart Contract Versatility

Stratis Aim To Be The Standard In Smart Contract Platforms As It Gears Towards Connectivity Through Programming Languages

Stratis or STRAT is a digital currency platform which is based in London, UK. It deploys native C# blockchain apps using the .NET framework and it runs on a proof of stake protocol. It currently trades on Poloniex, Bittrex, and Bittylicious.

Its present market value price at the time of writing is $ 5.79. With $ 15.547 million volume traded the last 24 hours, its market cap is at US$ 572,799,695.00 with a current 98,866,298 STRAT in circulation.

According to the people behind STRAT, their platform has the stability and security features that Bitcoin has but with the added factors of speed, customization, and scalability which came to be at the advent of new technologies. They claim to provide custom services at affordable rates as well if compared to other platforms

Considered as a truly innovative platform by many in the crypto community, its supporters say that it belongs to one of the most promising altcoins in the market today with great potential for profitability. Most are just waiting for the coin to hit the $ 10.00 mark of which many say that from there, the coin will shoot up to $ 20.00 or perhaps surpass its all-time high of $ 21.21 and hold the position. It achieved its highest point in early January 2018 during the great crypto boom. Many in the crypto community await the next crypto boom and a lot put their trust on Stratis saying it’ll be one those digital currencies which would make millionaires when it happens.

Just last week, 16th of May, the altcoin released its smart contract platform. It was launched ahead of the planned schedule and is expected to affect the coin’s performance and market value, in the long run, opening new doors for opportunities. On record, STRAT has the reputation of belonging to the most profitable ICOs in history garnering an outstanding and almost unbelievable 19,270% gain in 2017 according to CoinMarketCap.

By definition, Smart Contracts are contracts which can execute itself for the purpose of distributing and storing funds. This process, therefore, takes out most of the third party elements such as brokers, escrow facilitators, and bankers. The agreements between sellers and prospective buyers are secured and encrypted to executable codes. After which, it will be stored and distributed on a decentralized blockchain platform.

Price of Stratis for the week
Stratis (STRAT) chart source coinmarketcap.com

STRAT Aims To Break Program Language Barriers

Officially, the team behind STRAT produced the first smart contracts which were built in native C# and .NET framework from the ground up. Since the .NET framework is considered as the most frequently used language for programming and most used for various enterprises, this makes things easier for STRAT. There will be almost effortless integrations of their platform to that of other enterprises due to easy communications of program language. They also plan to integrate F# very soon, a programming language mostly used for finance.

From insurance policies, real estate deals, investments, domain name registry, digital property rights, auctions, loans and other financial or business transactions, the use of smart contracts seem limitless.

STRAT: Strong Candidate To Be The Smart Contract Standard Platform

According to the CEO of Stratis, Chris Trew, smart contracts are actually the backbone of blockchain platforms itself. Given the transparency and decentralization properties it offers, there is no doubt that more people will join in and adopt the system to make life, in general, less tedious. He further stated that they give high priority to the development, accessibility and efficient implementations of their smart contracts to reach as much market as possible.

Although they are not alone in the digital currency sector who launched smart contract offerings, most implemented it using different program languages. Due to this reason, most of those endeavors became elite or isolated depending on perspective; and therefore had a limited market. Such is not that case with STRAT as they decided to dwell on popular programming languages which could easily connect to others and evolve in a friendly neutral digital ecosystem. This offer could land them the possibility of becoming the smart contract standard in the digital currency universe.

Altcoin that offers more
Stratis the future

Smart Investors Spot Stratis As A Promising Prospect Due To Its Initiatives

There are many reasons why market value prices of currencies rise up or go down, whether it be fiat or digital currencies. Although major breakthroughs and events surrounding a currency generate spikes in prices, for consistency, mostly its those small efforts along the way that matters most. Stratis has placed traction on how it can make their smart contracts more “smart”. As similar to the real world, communication is key. STRAT has opted to use program languages which are most popular and commonly used. This simply equates to greater connectivity, accessibility, communications, and acceptance by diverse industries which have been using the standard program languages. Simply put, things will be so much easier in terms of integration of the blockchain platform for smart contracts to their traditional systems and technologies.

In the world of trading and investment not only in digital currencies but in general, those who do the proper research and studies most often win. Letting go of hard earned money for the purpose of the investment is not a spur of the moment thing and needs crucial thinking before a decision is made. Smart investors and traders give big credit and consideration to Stratis due to its simple approach in how to improve their platform and make their services more efficient. Analysts are quick to confirm that given the efforts put up by the team behind Stratis, a major recovery is certain and its most likely that STRAT will indeed become a standard in the days to come. At this point, this altcoin is gaining popularity and its supporters are increasing in number and for many, choosing it as an investment choice would probably be a very smart idea.


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